Medial inferior genicular artery

The medial inferior genicular artery is a cutaneous branch of the popliteal artery. It is located in the leg, close to the knee. It specifically travels downward to the medial head of the gastrocnemius and the medial ligament of the knee. It surrounds the patella, which lies parallel to some of its branches. It also has branches that laterally join the lateral inferior genicular artery. The medial inferior genicular artery works along with the medial superior genicular and lateral inferior arteries to supply oxygenated blood to the knee joint and the upper end of the tibia. It branches into the upper border of the popliteus muscle and passes under the tibia's medial condyle and the tibial collateral ligament. At the anterior border of the tibial collateral ligament, it raises up to the joint's frontal and medial sides. After a patient receives anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction, a psuedoaneurysm may form in the medial inferior genicular artery; one of the major symptoms of this treatable condition is repeated knee hemarthrosis.
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In Depth: Medial inferior genicular artery

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