Lateral superior genicular artery

The lateral superior genicular artery is located in the leg. It passes on the top side of the femur's lateral condyle and underneath the biceps femoris' tendon. The biceps femoris is the muscle located on the back side of the thigh. This muscle has two parts with one part forming part of the muscle group of the hamstrings. When the lateral superior genicular artery branches off, it separates into a deep branch and a superficial branch. The deep branch is the suppler for the knee-joint and the lower portion of the femur. This branch also arches across the bone in the front along with the medial inferior genicular and the highest genicular arteries. The superficial branch of the lateral superior genicular artery is the supplier of the vastus lateralis, which is the largest portion of the quadriceps femoris. The superficial branch also connects with the lateral femoral circumflex, which moves in a descending direction and the arteries of the lateral inferior genicular.
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In Depth: Lateral superior genicular artery

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