Internal iliac vein (hypogastric vein)

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The internal iliac vein starts at the upper region of the greater sciatic foreman. It continues behind the internal iliac artery and reaches the pelvis. From there it meets the external iliac vein, and together they become the common iliac vein. Then this vein will produce the inferior vena cava. This is located at the fifth lumbar vertebrae. These veins are the ones that keep blood away from the reproductive, urinary and digestive organs. Also they have many interconnections. These interconnections form plexuses. Plexuses are a network that the interconnections form. 

In a male, they will be in the prostate gland. In a female, they will be in the uterus and the vagina area. Also its role is to drain the pelvic organs and the perineum. The external iliac vein's role is to drain the femoral vein. Once the internal iliac vein and the external iliac vein connect into the common iliac vein, they then just drain into the inferior vena cava.

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In Depth: Internal iliac vein (hypogastric vein)

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