Inferior gluteal nerve

The inferior gluteal nerve is located inside the pelvis and is a nerve that innervates the muscle of the gluteus maximus, which is the most superficial and the largest of the three muscles of the buttocks. It is responsible for the appearance and shape of the buttocks. The sacral plexus is the location in which the inferior gluteal nerve originates. From the origination point, the nerve arises from the fifth lumbar divisions and the sacral nerves in the first and second position. It then leaves the pelvis moving through the greater sciatic foramen, which is the major opening of the pelvis. After passing through this area, the inferior gluteal nerve then goes under the piriformis, which is a muscle located in the lower limb in the gluteal region, and then branches out and enters the gluteus maximus' deep surface. The inferior gluteal nerve is responsible for extending the hip and when it is not able to function, a person can have difficulty raising themselves from a seated position, climbing stairs and jumping.
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In Depth: Inferior gluteal nerve

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