Flexor digitorum brevis

The flexor digitorum brevis muscle is located in the foot. Its exact location is the sole of the foot, directly above the plantar aponeurosis. It goes very deep into the foot and only a very thin layer of fascia divides it from the lateral plantar vessels. It originates in the calcaneus and the plantar fascia. It then inserts into the middle phalanges, and receives its nerve supply from a nerve called the medial plantar nerve. The function of this muscle is enabling the four lateral toes to be flexed. As the flexor digitorum brevis muscle moves forward, it divides into four different tendons. Each of the four lateral toes has its tendon. The first time it divides it is at the base of the first phalanges. When this occurs the tendon divides twice in order to allow the flexor digitorum longus to be able to pass through. Later the two tendons reunite. The second time it divides, it inserts itself into the sides of the second phalanx.
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In Depth: Flexor digitorum brevis

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