Flexor carpi radialis

The flexor carpi radialis muscle is a thin muscle located on the anterior part of the forearm. It arises in the humerus epicondyle, close to the wrist area. It is a superficial muscle that becomes very visible as the wrist comes into flexion. The muscle travels lateral to the digitorum superficialis, and finds its insertion on the second metacarpal's base. The innervation of this muscle takes place from the median nerve, and it receives its blood supply through the radial artery. It performs the function of providing flexion to the wrist and assists in abduction of the hand. If this muscle becomes weak, it can be strengthened with the help of movements that provide resistance against its flexion. Dumbbells, wrist curls and wrist rollers can be used to exercise this muscle and add to its strength. The flexor carpi radialis muscle is located close to the palm side of the arm, which allows it to bend the wrist on its side. This helps to reduce the angle between the forearm and the thumb. The wrist remains straight and does not extend or bend backwards.
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In Depth: Flexor carpi radialis

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