Dorsal metatarsal ligament

The dorsal metatarsal ligament is a foot ligament, located within the soles of the feet. In Latin, the ligament is referred to by the name of "Ligamenta metatarsalia dorsalia." The transverse ligaments travel from the dorsal coverings of metatarsal bones to the dorsal coverings of other metatarsal bones that are located across from them. The ligaments are located close to the bones' proximal edges. The primary function of the metatarsal ligaments is to provide some stability to the metatarsal joints. The metatarsal joints are condyloid joints that have round or elliptical surfaces that travel near the shallowest cavities of the limbs' proximal phalanges. The proximal phalanges refer to the bones at the toes' base. The dorsal metatarsal ligament is situated in close proximity to muscles and ligaments such as the tendon tibialis anticus muscle, the plantar intermetatar ligament, the long plantar ligament, the tendon peroneus longus muscle, the plantar cuboideonavic ligament, the plantar cuneonavic ligament, the plantar tarsometatar ligament and the tendon tibialis posticus muscle.

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In Depth: Dorsal metatarsal ligament

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