Dorsal carpometacarpal ligament

The dorsal carpometacarpal ligament is one of the joints for the upper limbs, in the hands and the wrists. The ligaments are part of a dorsal series of tiny and ligamentous bands that fuse together the metacarpal bones' proximal ends with the carpal bones' furthest rows. They are situated in close proximity to the intercarpal articulations, the carpometacarpal articulations and the distal radio ulnar articulations. The main function of the ligaments is to offer stability to the metacarpal joints. In order to do this, the ligaments connect the metacarpal bases to the distal carpal bones. In terms of pure strength, the dorsal carpometacarpal ligament is by far the most capable of the all of the carpometacarpal ligaments. The carpometacarpal ligament consists of various metacarpal bones, all of which are recipients of fascicule, via sources such as the hamate, capitate and both the greater and lesser multangular bones. Fasciculus (which is also known commonly as fascicle) is an anatomical term that is used to describe tiny tendon, muscle and nerve fibers.
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In Depth: Dorsal carpometacarpal ligament

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