Depressor supercilii

The depressor supercilii muscle is located near the eye, and it is thought to assist in moving and depressing the eyebrow. Also, it is thought to assist in moving the grabella, which is the skin above the nose and between the eyebrows. This muscle originates at the medial orbital rim and extends to the medial aspect of the boney orbit. It is innervated by the facial eyebrow. In comparison to other muscles of the face, it is relatively small. However, much of this is alleged and depends on the anatomical reference text being referenced. Among physicians and researchers, there is still debate over whether the depressor supercilii is part of the orbicularis oculi.. Some plastic surgeons believe the muscle to be autonomous with its own specific function. These specialists routinely deal with issues of the forehead and have direct experience with the depressor supercilii muscle.
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In Depth: Depressor supercilii

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