Depressor septi nasi

The depressor septi nasi is one of the three separate nose muscles. The muscle emerges from out of the maxilla's incisive fossa, which is a bone opening from the oral hard palate. The maxilla is a bone that makes up the upper jaw. It inserts into both the ala's posterior side and the septum. The ala of nose is the outer nose's lateral surface, which juts out to establish a rounded protuberance near the nostril. The facial muscle is situated between the lip's muscular structure and the mucous membrane. It functions as an antagonist to its fellow nose muscles. The facial nerves' buccal branches conduct the innervation of the muscle. Innervation is the process of nerve supply. The muscle works to constrict the nostrils. The depressor septi nasi is a vertical fasciculus that participates with the nasalis muscles' dilator in order to make the nares wider in times of deep inspiration. It is located near the dilator naris posterior and the dilator naris anterior, both of which are muscles.
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In Depth: Depressor septi nasi

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