Deep palmar branch of ulnar artery

The deep palmar branch of ulnar artery is an ulnar artery branch division that is responsible for the supply of the hypothenar muscles. It is also called by the names of "profunda branch" and "deep volar branch." The hypothenar muscles are a set of three muscles that establish the contour of the hand's hypothenar eminence. The ulnar nerve innervates all three of the muscles. The palmar branch travels deep into the palm all the way to the long flexor tendons. Upon arrival the branch engages in anastomosis with the radial artery's deep palmar arch. Anastomosis describes the connection of spaces and parts that typically are separate. The union is made for communication purposes. For the most part, anastomosis is a naturally occurring process. The deep palmar branch of ulnar artery goes through the Opponens digiti minimi, which is a hand muscle that has a triangular shape. It also goes through the Flexor digiti quinti brevis and the Abductor digiti quinti.
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In Depth: Deep palmar branch of ulnar artery

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