Deep dorsal artery of penis

The penis of the human male contains arteries that pump blood to the penis, causing an erection. The deep dorsal artery of penis is part of the internal pudendal artery that provides blood to the penis. This artery branches off into different areas, including the head of the penis, the scrotum, and the anus. In women, the artery pumps blood to the clitoris. The dorsal artery moves through the penis, until it reaches the dorsum. At the dorsum, the artery branches off into two different areas, supplying blood to both the prepuce and glans. The prepus on the male body is located directly above the foreskin, covering the head of the penis. The artery is located in-between the deep dorsal vein and dorsal nerve, which supplies the skin of the penis with nerves. When the body fails to provide adequate blood flow to the deep dorsal artery of penis, it may lead to erectile dysfunction. The penis cannot function without proper blood flow to the surrounding tissue.
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In Depth: Deep dorsal artery of penis

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