Deep brachial artery

The deep brachial artery is also known as the profunda artery. It is the main blood vessel in the upper arm. This artery supplies blood to the muscles of the upper arm and to the shaft of the humerus. Once it branches, it also supplies blood to the elbow joint, the forearm, and the hand. The deep brachial artery is deep within the arm, and runs parallel to the humerus. It originates just below the shoulder at the axillary artery, and branches into two smaller arteries, the radial and ulnar arteries, at the elbow. The deep brachial artery is closely associated with the median nerve, and the two run a very similar course through the upper arm. The pulse of the deep brachial artery can be heard through a stethoscope or a blood pressure cuff on the inside of the elbow, and because of this, it is a common place for doctors and nurses to check a patient's blood pressure.
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In Depth: Deep brachial artery

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