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The body of fornix is a constituent of the hippocampus of the cerebrum and serves an integral part in its limbic system. The body of fornix is just one segment of four components constituting the fornix of the brain. The other elements are the fimbria, crus, and column. The fornix has a C-shape anatomy and is the main divergent channel of the hippocampal formation. The body of fornix projects anteriorly in the lower borders of the septum pellucidum. In CT anatomy, the body of fornix is seen hanging from the slender superior part of the septum pellucidum. It is situated above the tela choroidea and ependymal roof of the third ventricle. The body of fornix is also among the visceral structures of the head and neck. It is a bunch of nerve cell fibers protruding from the under surface of the corpus callosum. From there, the body of fornix extends to the interventricular foramen, or orifice. Adjacent the foramen, the body of fornix distributes to form the anterior columns of the fornix.
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