Ascending branch of the left colic artery

The ascending branch of the left colic artery branches out from the left accessory aberrant colic artery (LAACA), along with the descending branch of the left colic artery. It specifically passes in front of the left kidney, ending between the transverse mesocolon's two layers. It is between these layers that the ascending branch of the left colic artery is anastomosed with the proper left colic and middle colic arteries; this causes the marginal artery of Drummond to be created. The anastomoses process also forms arches that allow branches to be distributed to the transverse colon's left side, as well as to the descending colon. A hypovascular area is located between the colic artery's branches and the colon's splenic flexure. The ascending branch of the left colic artery originates proximally from the superior mesenteric artery, approximately three centimeters from the middle colic artery. This occurs at the pancreas' inferior border. The branch then crosses over Treitz's muscle and continues along, passing over the inferior mesenteric vein.
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In Depth: Ascending branch of the left colic artery

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