Anterior tibiotalar ligament

The anterior inferior ligament and the anterior ligament of the lateral malleolus are also known as the anterior tibiotalar ligament. This ligament is made up of a triangular band of fibers that broaden as it descends. This ligament extends laterally and downwards between the tibia and fibula. The anterior tibiotalar ligament is near the cartilage covering the talus, the interosseous ligament, the Peronaeus tertius, the integument, and the aponeurosis of the leg. The anterior tibiotalar ligament passes by the anterior margin of the fibular malleolus medially and to the front, in front of the lateral articular facet of the talus bone. The anterior tibiotalar ligament is the most commonly sprained ligament. This ligament is part of the lateral ligament of the ankle. Approximately 85 percent of ankle sprains are lateral sprains, which result from plantar flexion inversion injuries. These injuries occur by the "rolling over" of the ankle, due to the vulnerable position of the anterior tibiotalar ligament and related ligaments in the area.
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In Depth: Anterior tibiotalar ligament

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