Acromial vein

An acromial vein is part of a greater network of veins located in the shoulder, near the acromion process in the scapula. This process provides an articulation point with the clavicle, which also produces the acromioclavicular joint. The veins actively drain deoxygenated blood from the scapular region as part of the greater venal circulatory system. Once drained, this blood eventually makes it back to the heart and lungs so that oxygen can be reintroduced to the bloodstream and pumped throughout the body. The acromial veins are part of a vena comitantes relationship with the acromial branch of the subscapular arteries. This branch, as well as the artery, delivers oxygenated blood to the region of the scapula. Both the arteries and the veins run similar courses in close proximity to each other. The veins must remove the blood once the branch's blood vessel delivers it. If an acromial vein become occluded or blocked, not only will pain result, but the resulting complications may limit some movement in the shoulder.
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In Depth: Acromial vein

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