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Problems at work describes troublesome, disruptive, interpersonal behaviors at work that are more extreme than occasional errors in judgment.

Alternative Names

Job difficulties, problem working conditions, trouble at work.


Problems at work are carelessness, excessive absenteeism, being accident prone, being unable to follow through on assigned tasks, frequent anger or other problems that may be attributable to a medical or psychiatric problem. People with stormy or unpredictable ways of relating to others in social situations may have problems in a work environment.

Associated Diagnoses

Diagnosis and Treatment

Thorough evaluation of problem behaviors by qualified professionals is necessary for diagnosis. Family conflict, poverty, drug dependence, depression, anxiety or attention deficit disorder may be underlying problems contributing to problem behaviors and, if so, must be addressed in any treatment plan. Chemical dependency problems can be significant factors in problems at work. Individuals should be directed to the Human Resources Department for referral to Employee Assistance Programs (EAP) for evaluation and appropriate treatment.

Call 911

Anytime anyone threatens to harm themselves or anyone else. Always take threats seriously.

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