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Medical Specialist: Spinal-Cord Injury Medicine

The American Board of Medical Specialties (ABMS) recognizes 24 medical specialties for which physicians can receive Board Certification. Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation is also known as Physiatry (fizz eye' uh tree) and PM&R. These specialists promote the restoration of function for people with neurological and musculoskeletal disabilities. PM&R specialists complete five years of additional training after medical school in a special, residency-training program. There are 80 accredited Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation residency programs in the U.S. Spinal Cord Injury Medicine is a subspecialty of PM&R requiring one year of fellowship training. These specialists are experts in the care of:

Associated Diseases

  • Traumatic spinal cord injury
  • Non-traumatic spinal cord dysfunction
  • Cauda equina syndrome

Reference: American Academy of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation 2008.

Written by: JC Jones MA, RN
Last Updated: February 20, 2008
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