It’d be a bit hypocritical of us to tell you about keeping a healthy office if we weren’t doing it ourselves.

Here at Healthline headquarters in San Francisco, we have it pretty good in terms of accommodations to live healthy professional lives.

Because San Francisco is a relatively small town geographically, many of us commute to work on bikes.

To prevent the office from welling up with lingering B.O., there are showers available for the two dozen or so people who bike to work on a regular basis. The bike rack in the back room by the engineering department is full every day from two-wheeled commuters.

Healthline's lead designer Nelson Hernandez Healthline's lead designer Nelson HernandezOne of the most diehard bike commuters is lead designer Nelson Hernandez. Every day, rain or shine, Nelson bikes 10 miles to and from work. That’s an interesting statistic considering San Francisco is only seven-by-seven miles. Nelson—husband and father of two—takes the long way to work and the long way home.

“I use my commute for exercise,” he said. “My bike is my main form of transportation, too.”

Here at Healthline, we’ve got tons of amateur athletes that sneak in workouts before, after, and during work.

Rachael Cloy, office administrator, maintains a pretty strict workout schedule, which includes Cross Fit training before she’s at her desk. She typically has a yoga mat right by her feet for yoga after the work day is over.

Healthline's office administrator Rachael Cloy Healthline's office administrator Rachael Cloy“Most days it’s one or the other, but somedays I work out before work and do yoga after work,” she said.

Rachael is not our only yogi at work. We have tons of them. Stephanie Armstrong, senior accountant, is also a licensed yoga instructor.

Besides yogis and bikers, Healthline employs a lot of runners. There’s a regular group of people who use their lunch hours for getting exercise in.

Ryan Donk, senior campaign manager, is one of the regular runners. “I’m either running, or running to the gym to work out on average of three days a week,” he said.

Park Allen, human resources director, incorporates his exercise around work and family life. He started getting more active about 10 years ago, but now he’s always moving onto something. He completed his first triathlon in July.

Park Allen, Healthline's human resources director Park Allen, Healthline's human resources director“I always have to have a goal,” he said. “I have to be working on something.”

If people can’t get out of the office to work out, we also have an in-house personal trainer and gym available to all staff.

One feature everyone enjoys is the open dog policy. Daily, we have about six dogs roaming the halls, following their owners around from their desk to meetings and back again. The presence of the pets keeps the air lighter and carefree.

The obvious dominant force in the office is the eight-pound Pomeranian, Snickers, who has been at Healthline for three years with his owner, Robin Bruno. Park occasionally brings in his dog, Hannah, a 110-pound Leonberger, who resembles a small bear.

Other small additions that make the Healthline office healthier:

  • Live plants all over the office which provide fresh oxygen and tone down the beige cubicle atmosphere.
  • Fresh fruit available to all staff along with an array of healthy foods to help drive away crankiness caused by hunger pangs.

Here at Healthline, we take pride in our health—individually and collectively. If we didn’t, we wouldn’t have health in our name.