Best Obesity Videos of the Year

The causes of obesity are not well-understood. The traditional view that it is caused simply by eating too much and exercising too little is simplistic and not supported by current data. There are a lot of different factors that cause the disease, including genetics. According to the American Heart Association, almost 35 percent of adults and 17 percent of children in the United States are obese. That's 78 million adults, and 13 million children.

Health risks due to obesity can include high blood pressure, heart disease, diabetes, stroke, various cancers, and sleep apnea. Education is the first step to overcoming the epidemic. Understanding the disease will help all of us learn how to best support and encourage those around us and to help prevent obesity in future generations.

These videos contain information, motivation, understanding, and inspiration. You will hear personal stories of those who have struggled with obesity, as well as from those who love them. You will be educated on what obesity is and what changes are being made to help Americans make healthier food choices.

'Childhood Obesity'

This clip from the documentary “In Defense of Food” is the story of 11-year-old Anthony. It depicts his struggles with obesity and how he and his parents are working toward getting him and themselves heathier. This includes making more educated food choices. It also means healthier daily activities. His pediatrician discusses the particular dangers of being obese in childhood. His story is a great motivation for other kids struggling with their weight.

'Derek Mitchell Ran 20+ Races To Fight Obesity'

AJ+ shares the inspiring story of Derek Mitchell. When his weight topped 625 pounds, he decided to do something about it. He set a goal to run a 5K race every month. Having a race to run each month kept him motivated, and he has so far lost 80 pounds. He shares his weight loss story and his diet on social media and inspires many followers.

'Fixing the childhood obesity epidemic'

In this TEDx Talk with Matt Young, you will learn some startling statistics about childhood obesity. He addresses the decline of what he calls “physical literacy,” the understanding of how to be physically healthy and active. He believes this education can help solve childhood obesity.

'How Food Processing Has Changed Our Eating Environment'

Most of us have heard that processed foods are bad for us, but we may not really know why. In this video you will learn how food is processed and why. Stanford University lecturer Maya Adam, M.D. explains how giving foods a longer shelf life is made possible by removing many of the nutrients within them.

'I'm Fat, But I'm Not...'

This video focuses on the stereotypes we associated with overweight and obese people, which are not always correct. Some people who are overweight exercise often and eat fairly healthily. Their weight issues can be caused by medical issues, genetics, or just eating more calories than they burn through exercise. Judge people on what they do, not what they look like.

'Is Body Shaming Helpful?'

Sadly, many people believe that if you make someone feel bad enough about how they look, then they will make changes. In this video, Greg and Mitch from AsapTHOUGHT discuss numerous scientific studies on the effect of body shaming or discrimination based on weight, and its effect on those that are overweight.

'It's Time To Act On Obesity'

Overcoming obesity means understanding it. Obesity is not just caused by overeating and not getting enough exercise. This video from Nicholson Clinic explains that obesity is not a lifestyle choice and it discusses the science behind obesity and how your brain regulates your energy balance.

'Obesity Through the Eyes of a Loved One'

In this TEDx Talk, Dana Marie Rosser talks openly about what it's like to be married to a morbidly obese man. She discusses the judgement and assumptions made about her because of who she loves, and encourages us to support rather than judge the people struggling with the disease.

'Preventing Childhood Obesity'

The busy lifestyles most families have these days can lead to unhealthy choices. In this video from the American Academy of Pediatrics, parents and medical professionals talk about best practices to help prevent childhood obesity. Planning your meals ahead and having fun by doing healthy activities can make a big difference.

'S.A.F.E. Changes'

This simple but impactful video is full of statistics, showcasing the health and social burdens that childhood obesity puts on children. The film explains that there are many factors that fit together to create the childhood obesity problem, not just diet and exercise, and they demonstrate four ways to overcome them.

'The Way Americans Eat'

Despite our current obsession with specialized diets like paleo, we still have an alarmingly high obesity rate. On “The Business of Life,” host Michael Moynihan and a panel of experts break down the facts about GMOs, organic foods, free trade foods, and more. This discusses whether they are good or bad, and what is the difference?

'What is obesity?'

This TED-Ed video by Mia Nacamulli breaks down the history of obesity, including how social changes facilitated the rise in obesity, how it is calculated, and what physical processes — namely, an energy imbalance — can cause a person to become obese.

'Will New Food Label Help Fight Obesity?'

This video from the Young Turks offers an in-depth look at the new FDA food labeling rules. These rules have been put in place to help people make healthier food choices and be more informed about what they are eating. They outline the changes, including the significant changes to the serving sizes and the “added sugars” listings.