Learn more about total knee replacement from the true stories of people who are living with artificial knees.


Mary Schaefer

Mary is a nurse who couldn’t take the time off from work twice to recover from two surgeries and decided to have both knees replaced at the same time.

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Bob J

After two arthroscopic surgeries and when he could no longer walk without pain, Bob had both of his knees replaced during the same year.


Dale Freund

Dale struggled with her weight and knee injuries for years before she finally had a knee replacement at the age of 52.


Barbara Perry

After avoiding surgery for thirty years, Barbara decided to have her first knee replaced after she couldn't stand long enough to prepare dinner.

Learn More From Other Real Patients

Video thumbnailsFaces of Total Knee Replacement

Four knee replacement recipients describe their experience with the surgery and how they regained the ability to engage in the activities they enjoy.

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Living With an Artificial Knee: Years Later

4.5 million Americans have at least one total knee replacement, and some of them have been living comfortably with an artificial knee for many years.

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11 Best Total Knee Replacement Blogs of 2012

Blogs and discussion forums are great online resources for connecting with or learning from real patients who have undergone knee replacement surgeries.

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