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The TRX is a type of suspension training that really amps up any exercise. Not only are you working against your own body weight and gravity, you’re also constantly trying to keep yourself stabilized.

If you've never used TRX straps before, it’s great to start off slowly and try these five simple moves.


  1. Hold the TRX handles in each hand and stand shoulder-width apart, facing the TRX anchor, with palms facing each other. Take one or two steps in so your body forms a diagonal line. Fully extend your arms out with your elbows locked. Keep all of your weight in your heels, with your feet flat on the floor.

  2. Exhale and engage your core and pull yourself in toward the anchor, keeping your wrists straight. Engage your abs so you do not put pressure on your lower back. Hold for one count at the top of this row position.

  3. Inhale and slowly lower yourself back to your starting position. If you feel like the row was too easy, take another step in toward the anchor so you are at more of a diagonal. The more steps you take in toward the anchor, the harder it will be because of the angle.

TRX Overhead Tricep Extension

  1. Step between both of the TRX straps, with your back facing the anchor. Place each hand in each of the TRX handles with your palms facing away from you. Take a step back towards the anchor with your feet shoulder-width apart and engage your core. Raise your straightened arms until your fists are at approximately eye level and there is tension in the straps. This is your starting position.

  2. Keep your elbows shoulder-width apart and pointing forward. Brace your core as you lean forward and slowly bend at your elbows to make a 90-degree angle. Hold for one count in this position.

  3. Exhale and engage your core and push off the TRX handles from the wrists, triggering your triceps back to locking out your arms.

TRX Squat Jumps

  1. Stand with feet a little wider than shoulder-width apart and palms facing toward each other. Take one step in towards the anchor and drop your butt down until you’re sitting in an imaginary chair. Your knees and hips will be at a 90-degree angle with your ankles in line with your knees. Your arms should be fully extended with your elbows locked out.

  2. Exhale and explode through your heels by jumping up as high as you can, using the TRX as assistance.

  3. Inhale as you land softly on your feet with your weight in your heels to maintain balance.

TRX Ab Rollout

There are so many exercises you can do on the TRX — the numbers are limitless. Of course your core is always engaged throughout all of these exercises, but you can target just your core on the TRX as well.

  1. Kneel down on a mat or towel, facing away from the TRX anchor with your body in between the straps. Slide your palms into each TRX handle. Your palms should be at chest level with your elbows bent in towards your sides.

  2. Keep your knees planted. Exhale, engage your core, and lower your body down to the floor while your arms extend forward in front of your forehead. Lower yourself as far as you comfortably can go without breaking form or stressing your lower back. You want to get your chest and core as parallel to the floor as you can.

  3. Inhale and push yourself back up to your starting position using your core muscles, not your lower back.

TRX Bicep Curl

This exercise will be very similar to the row but you will be using your biceps and core muscles in this move.

  1. Stand with feet shoulder-width apart and your palms in the TRX handle, facing the ceiling. Take one step in toward the anchor. Fully extend your arms out with your elbows locked.

  2. Engage your core and pull yourself up and in, moving only your forearms until your wrists reach your forehead. Your elbows should point up toward the ceiling at the end of this move. Hold one count in this ending position.

  3. Inhale and slowly lower yourself back down to your starting position. It’s very important that just your forearms are moving. You don’t want to row yourself in. This is not a back exercise.

The TRX Challenge

Looking for a way to combine these exercises?

Perform each exercise for 1 minute each, with a 10-second break in between. Keep a tally of total repetitions of each exercise. Rest for 30 seconds then repeat for a second round but try to beat your number of reps from round one.

This workout was created by Kat Miller, C.P.T. She has been featured in the Daily Post and is a freelance fitness writer and owner of Fitness with Kat. She currently trains at Manhattan’s elite Upper East Side Brownings Fitness Studio, is a personal trainer at New York Health and Racquet Club in midtown Manhattan, and teaches boot camp.