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Don’foet to turn of ourrlghts before emember tor and house lat automaicaly switc thema certain time evevery night.<ual Holiday Carrds<ip the expensive holiday cards and save on paper and postage. Papinvi aiday tcaress tm-ing and are great energ-savers. SomeSome e-nesall to design a ul envelope to auth authenticat/p> <>/h2> <afastis yearly sustain youou an your guests, nment.&nnbsp;&nbs  <hink Globall, Acct Locally<h3> <llege,”tro get all your produce from sources lopcom</a> to familiarize yourself with your local growing seasons, then try t lmtyur menuto what’s avilable.<Delee the Meat (or at Least h3>Delete the Mat (or ow Wret Comes From)<Because it requires energy, land, and water raise lisk the cropfe themt and poule most unsuston the plate. Chaourself and y family to come menu that does’t involv a mdct/p> <>Ifu’re n carniv ays, ousnale fa your arhe staru holiay mel. If you can’td a lm, buyiyoeturkey or ham at an “organr “free-sually ensures the livestock war-i" href=f">img class=="iicon-ist-item-agi" src="" th="9" hight="14" alt="Next pagg button" /></div> <-ck c"> <div class="rw12">"> < <div class="box-rticle-e-helpful"> <=box-helpful-question"> Was this article helpful? <span class="helpful-ion-on->s<>span class="helpful-option-no">No<span>> <>/div> </div> < <cass=-nk-back"> <=icon-<a id="feedbackLink" class=link-kfeback" href="#feeedbackOvackOverlay" rel="#feedbackOverlay#feedbackOvelay">Feeback?</div> <rlay" class="ove="overrlay--iple overlay-eedback <div class="overlay-content"> <div id="feedbackformdiv" class="box-form-feedback"> <form id="feedbackform" action="/v2/widgetemail"> <input type="hidden" name="to" value="hrl"/> <input id="urlfield" type="hidden" name="urlfield" value=""/> <h2>Send us your feedback</h2> <p class="box-message">We are unable to respond directly to questions, but your feedback is greatly appreciated, and will be taken into account in our ongoing review of our Health Reference Library.<br/></p> <p> <label>Your Name:</label><br/> <input id="nametext" type="text" class="field-name" name="nametext" placeholder="Name Here" /> <span id="box-msg-name" class="box-msg-error"><span class="icon-error">✖</span> <span id="errorMsgName">Please enter your name</span></span> <p> </div> </div><div class="overlay-footer"> <div class="overlay-close">Close</div> </div> </div> </div> </div> </div> <div class="row12"> </div><!-- row12 --> <div class="toc-content-promotion"> <!--hl-linking-ignore-start--> <div class="overlay-content-promotion"> <ss="overlay-content-promotion"> <ntent-promotion-head <ass="triangle"><content-promotion-title"> <prootion-title-text">omded for You< /div> <div class="content-promotion-close">se""></a>< </div> < <div class="content-lick-nk" datalth--ideshow/tips-/tips-ssafe--day-season"> <ion-n-itle"> for a Safe Holiday Seasonson<> <div clas="content-e"> <a title="6 Tips fo a Safe Holiday Season" href="">img src="" alt="6 Tips for a Safe Holiday Season"/></a> <div>> < class="contentnt-promotion-text"> <y,anavoiding other potential hazards that may cause injury. Read more tips to stay safe.<div> <div class="content-pro-promotion-tio-ink summary-action"> <a title="6 Tips for Safe Holliday SeasoSeason" href="//health-slideshow/tips-s-safe-holday-season"> <pan> »<a> < < < <div class="content-promoton-stock-link" data="/health-/healtth--deshow/7-ng-e-substitutions">ns"> <div class="content-promotin-tile">Thanksgiving Plate Substitutions< <<image"> <a title="7 Thanksgiving Plate Substitutions" href=""><img src="" alt="7 Thanksgt="7 Thanksgiving Plate Substitutiovertisement< <s="dfp-ws" style="text-iv class="dfp-ws" style="text-lign:ceer"> <="DFPAD_WSL" style="position:relative <iframe name="ifrmwsl" id="ifrmwsl" scrolling="no" frameborder="0" style="width:160px;higt:60;beroflow:hidden;position:absolute;">dajaxpp=pre"></div> <div> <div> <iv> <class="grid300">iv class="below-article-speciltoc"> <div class="mr1block c"> <ss="box-ad-mr1"> <class="ads-margin ads-box-header">Advertisement<v> <div class="ads-medium-rect" > <div id="DFPAD_MR" style="position:relative"> <iframe name="ifrmmr1" id="ifrmmr1" scrolling="no" frameborder="0" style="width:300px;height:250px;margin-top:0px;margin-left:0;border:0;overflow:hidden;position:absolute;top:0;left:0" src=""></iframe> </div> </div> </div> </div> <div class="mr2block c"> <div class="box-ad-mr2"> <div class="ads-margin ads-box-header">Advertisement</div> <div id="ad-anchor" class="ads-box"> <div class="ads-medium-rect ads-margin"> <iframe name="ifrmmr2" id="ifrmmr2" scrolling="no" frameborder="0" class="ifrmmr2" src=""></iframe> <e> </div> </div> </div> </div> <!-- innerbodybox --> < innerbodybox - --> <iner --> <div class="overlay-content">> <div id="sitepopupdi" class="box-site-e-popup"> <div> </div>> <class="overlay-y-footer"> <v clclass="overlay-footer"> <vclass="overlverlay--close">Close< <vid="overoverlayImageGallery" class="overlay-simple hloverlay-image-lleryry"> <> < <->div class="ad-pb"> <eader-pb" id="ads-sbox-header-pb">dvertisement< <div class="dfp-pb-wrapper"> <div class="dfp-pb"> <div id="DFPAD_PB" style="postion:relative">> <iframe name="ifrmpb" id="ifrmpb" scrolling="no" frameborder="0" style="we="width:978px;height:25px;margin:0;border:0;overflow:hidden;position:absolute;top:0;left:0" src="">">< < </div> </div> </div < Begin comScore Tag ->>ent.write(unescape(o> <apolicy" target="_blank">rvacy< </div>>!-- newsetterbox --> </div>!-- span12 --> </div></div><--><istration --><class="sharebar"> l> < /li> <<href="http://www.fealth/terms-hp-facebookk" target="window">window">>< class="hl-="hl-h-t">cbook</div><class="hl-/span></li> <indow"><div class="hl-hp-conent">Twitter</div><span class="hl-icon-twitter"></span></a></li> <li><a href="" class="hl-hp-gplus" target="window" rel="publisher"><div class="hl-hp-content">Google Plus</div><span class="hl-icon-google"></span></a></li> <li><a href="" class="hl-hp-pinterest" target="window"><div class="hl-hp-content">Pinterest<iv><rest"></span>/a>< </ul> </div> < <div class="hl--oer-3"> < <li class="ftsecthdr"></h3><>li></a><li><drugs-a">-Drug -Z/a><l> <a href="">Health Experts & Blogogs</a>< </ul> < <>h3>About Healthline</li> <li>a href="">Our Staff</a>/li> <li>><ref="/health/aba ref="="/health/add-ssponsorship-policy">Advertising & Sponsorship Policy</li> <li><line.coom/about-out-us/">Abou Healthlineline Corp<>/li> <l> <iclasss="ftsecthdr">h3>Get in Touch<>/li>i> <et i in Touch<< <th/contact-us"> href="">Contact<< <i><href="">Careers</li> <li>a href="">>Advertise Wihref="">Advertise With Us</a>< </a>< < <ul class="hon-icicn"> <li><a href=""><img src="" width="49" height="72" alt="This website is certified by Health On the Net Foundation. 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While this may not go over well with kids and teenagers, consider the option for those who are less materially inclined. Tickets to a concert or play, or a gift certificate for a massage or guitar lessons cuts down on wasteful packaging and gives the receiver something to look forward to.     </p> <h2>Sustainable Decorations</h2> <p>Festive? Yes. Sustainable? Not really. But decking the halls doesn’t have to mean wasting energy. You can maintain tradition while remaining eco-friendly.    </p> <h3>Get the Real Dirt on Fake Trees</h3> <p>The pros and cons on both sides of the Christmas tree debate are endless. However, from an environmental standpoint, a real tree is the more sustainable option. Although they require care during their eight to 12 year growing period, real trees also benefit the environment during that time by absorbing carbon dioxide and producing oxygen. </p> <p>Real trees are compostable, unlike fake trees, which are often made of metal and a harmful lead-producing plastic called PVC. The production and shipment—mostly from overseas—of fake trees is usually more energy-intensive than the delivery of real ones.</p> <y/h3> <p>Eco-friendly LED mini-lights are great for decorating trees and homes alike. Try solar-powered strings andsotlightsts for outdoor decorating, and miniminimizeze your lights ddisplay thiss year. Donn’t’t forget to turn off offyour lights before you go to bed, or remember er to set your tree aand house lights to timers that automaticalllly switcwitch them off at a certain time every ght.< <3>Send Virtal Holiday Cady Cards<3> <nd posttag Paperless invitations and holiday greeting cards are less time-ie-consuming and nd are great energyat enerenergy-y-savers. Some e-card companies even allow you to design a virtal eenvelope to authenticate the experience. <is o one tradition you can’t let go of, make new greetings from old holiday cards. Simply cut out the front of the cards and write on the back like a postcard. </p> <h2>Sustainable Feasts<p>As the culmination of the day’s festivities,the holiday meal is more than just dinner. It’s a chance to gather together with loved ones you may not see very often and share good food with good company. Plan est this year that will not only sustastain you and your guests, but also the enviroment.    sp;  <> <h3>Think Glo Globally, Act Locally<p>Crops and livestock not grown in your area require an incredible amount of energy to make it to your plate. While shopping for your holiday meal, take the “100 Mile Chalnge,” and try ry to get get all your pour produce from e from sources locaterces located within a 100-mile radius. </p> <p>Keep an eye out for “locally grown” signs in your grocery store and frequent farmers markets, where you’ll likely have a choice of fresh local produce, beef, and poultry.  </p> <h3>Shop Seasonally</h3> <p>It used to be that the only way to enjoy strawberries in December was to can or freeze them in July. These days, out-of-season crops are shipped all over the country (and the world), making them readily available in grocery stores and burning up resources to get them from farm to plate. But these long trips lead to lots of wasted energy. </p> <p>Use the seasonal guide on <a href="">fieldtoplate.olimit yoor menu to what’s availaalable.</p> <eat (or at Least Know Where It Comes From)</h3> <nd water to raise livestock ivestock and the crops that feed td them, mem, meat and poultry tend to be the mostst unsustainable items on the pthe platplate. Challenge yourself and and your famiily to come up with a menu that doesn’t at doesnn’t involve a meat pea meat product. <<If you’re set in your carninivorous ways, research local sustainable farms in your area and handpick the star ostar of your holiday mday meal. Ifal. If you can’t findu can’t fi’t find a local farm, buying grocery store t tururkey or ham with an “organic” or “fganic” or “freeee-range” label uually ensurensures thees the livestock wavestock waock was raised naturally and humanely, without the use of antibiotics.</p></div> <div class="box-pagination c"> <ul class="list-pagination c"> <li class="list-item-pagi" id="btn-previous-page"> <a class="anchor-pagi" href="#"><img class="icon-list-item-pagi" src="" width="9" height="14" alt="Previous page button" /></a> </li> <li class="list-item-pagi btn-page">1</li> <li class="list-item-pagi" id="btn-next-page"> <a class="anchor-papagi" href="#"><images/pag-et-big.v1.201412091221224.pnng width="9" height=ht="14" alt="" alt="Next page button page button" />/a> <u> < <hdiv class="box-share-helpfeedbackk c"> <ow12"> <div class="span5"> <article-ful"> <div class"box--eul-on"> Was this article helpful? <option-n-yes">Ye</span <class="helpf<div class="box-helpful-confirmation"</div> <iiv class="span3"> <div lass="box-lilink-k-feedback"> <span class="icon-email">/span> <"link-eedback" href="#feedbackOverfeedbackOverlay" rel="#ffeedbackOverlay">rlay">dak?</a> <iv id="feedbackOverlay" class=""overerlay-simp olay-feedback"> < <iv cass="content-promotion-header">div class="content-n-eader"> <div clsss="triangle">le">/div> < <p class="content-motion-title--le-Recommended for You</p> < <#" clss="link-close-overlay-content-promotion"></div> < <div class="content-promotion-stories"> <ss="content-promotion-story click-link" data="/health-sldeshow/tips--afe-holiday-season"> <div class="content-promotion--title">6 Tipsfor a Safe Holiday Season</div <ss="content-promotion-image">"> <r a Safe Holiday Season" href="" href=""><free_Holiday-iday-season.jpg" alt="6 Tipa Safe Holiday Season"/><son"/>< <v> <div class="contentpromotion-disclaimemer">Ensure joy fjoy foror the holidays by adhering to food and fire safety, and avoiding other potential hazards that may cause injury. Read more tips to stay safe.< <ntent-romotion-lnk summary- <a Safe Holidoliday Seeason" href=""/health-tps--iday--es"> Read More </span>< </div> </div> </div> <ion-tory click-" data="/healtlth-slideshow/7-Thanksgiving-g-plate-sustitutions"> <on-tle">7 Thanksgiving Plate Substitutions</div> <div class="content-promotion-image"> div class="content-promotion-mage">> <iving Plate Substitututions"ef="/health-slideshow/7-hanksging--e-uitons"></mages/slideshow/7_Teshow/Thanksgiving_Plate_Substitutions/194x105_7_ThanksgivinksilS_SS.jpg" alt=""7 Thanksgiving Plate Substitutions"/><< <aign:center"> <div id="DFPAD_WSL" style="position:relative">itionlative"> <name="ifrmwsl" id="ifrmwsl" scrolling="height:600px;border:0;overflow:hidden;position:absolute;top:0;left:0" src="">/iframe> </div> </div> </div> <div class="grid00"> <altoc">> <k c">div class="box-ad-mr1"> <div class="ads-margin ads-box-header">dvertisement</div> <divv class="ads-medium-rect" > <div id="DFPAD_MR" style="position:relative"> <iframe name="ifrmmr1" id="ifrmmr1" scrolling="no" frameborder="0" style="width:300px;height:250px;margin-top:0px;margin-left:0;border:0;overflow:hidden;position:absolute;top:0;left:0" src=""></iframe> </div> </div> </div> </div> <div class="mr2block c"> <div class="box-ad-mr2"> <div class="ads-margin ads-box-header">Advertisement</div> <div id="ad-anchor" class="ads-box"> <div class="ads-medium-rect ads-margin"> <iframe name="ifrmmr2" id="ifrmmr2" scrolling="no" frameborder="0" class="ifrmmr2" src=""></iframe> </div> </div> </div> </div> < </div> </div><iv> </div><-innerbodyboybox - --> <div><div id="overlaySitePitePopup" class="oveverlay-simple overlay-site-popup"> <="overlay-content"> <d="sitepopupdiv" clas<> < <v class="overla-footer"> <v class="overlay-y-close">">Close<div> <><-rlay-mage-gallery"> </div> </div> !-- Healthline Pencil Ad: hidePencilAdv N NOT empty AND false -- <s="ad-div class="ads-box-header-r-b="ads-x-headeder-b">Adveertisement</div> <div class=ss="dfp-pb-p--per"> << class="dfp-pb"> <AD_PB" style="position:relative"> <ow:hidden;position:absolute;top:0;left:0" src=""><iframe> </div> < < <><!--e"></div> is important to us</p> </div>/div><!-- signupBody y --> <v>!- newsletletterbox ---> <- row12 --> <i-- row12 --> <!-- registration --><div class="sharebar">> <li class="heading">Find us on:< <li>a href="http://www.facebook.cocom/pages/Healththline/173263326992" class="hl-hp-facebook"ok" target="window">"><div class="hl--p-content">Faebook<span class="hl-icon-acebook"></a>/li>> <a href="" class="hl-hp-twitter" target="wndow"><tent">Twitter</div><div>pan class=hl-con-pinterest"><an>pan class="hl-icon-pinteest"><</li> < < </div> <box-footer-3"> <ul> <h3>Site Map</li> <a href="">Health Topics<>li> <a href="">sA-</i> <li><ef="/health-blogs">Health Experts & Blogs</li> < <ul> <li class="ftsecthdr"<h3>< <a href=""/health/staff"></li>i>> << href="">About</a></li> <li><href="">ig & Sponsorship Policy</a>< <a href="http://corp.healthine.comcom/about-us/">tHealthliine Corp</a>< < <lass="ftsecthdr"><3>et in Touch<< <<Cntact</a>/li> <li><a href="">Careers</a>< <<">/marketing/">g/">ertise With Us</li> <i>a href="">Newsletter Sign-Up</li> </ul> <s="on--on"> <er> </div> <div class="hl hl-box-copyright"> <div class="hl-box-inner-copyright"> <div class="grid978"> <div class="row12"> <div class="span12"> <div class="copyright"> <p>Copyright © 2005 - 2014 Healthline Networks, Inc. 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