superbowl snacks

Fully loaded nachos aren't the best thing to eat this Sunday if you’re watching your weight. Neither are these five seemingly healthy Super Bowl snacks.

Macadamia Nuts

macadamia nuts

Nuts make for an easy snack option. Unfortunately, macadamias pack a whopping 962 calories per cup. Which is fine if you have a few, but not so great if you eat an entire box of those chocolate covered ones from Hawaii before halftime. Don’t go nuts!

Fruit Juice


Whether you’re drinking it by itself or in a mimosa, be wary of fruit juice. Despite the misconceived notion that fruit is always good for you, many store bought juices contain nearly as much sugar as soda. Even worse are juice “cocktails” that substitute real juice with high-fructose corn syrup – which may contribute to obesity – and artificial sweeteners.

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Even classy Super Bowl parties can be fattening. The danger with sushi is when you order a roll that is fried (think: tempura), filled with fattening ingredients like cream cheese, or covered in a high-calorie mayonnaise-based sauce. 

Prepackaged Salads


Salad is super easy to share at a party. Problem is, high-calorie dressings like ranch and ingredients like bacon, cheese, eggs or even croutons can sabotage the perceived health benefits of salad. Read the label if you can.


Sports Drinks

sports drink

Many popular sports drinks, like Gatorade, contain over 7 teaspoons of sugar per bottle, which is way less than soda, but exactly 30 grams more sugar than you’d find in a glass of water. High sugar content can increase your blood sugar levels, which in turn hurts your body’s ability to burn fat. Just because the players on the field are drinking it, doesn’t mean you need to.