I Want to Know About Treatment and Recovery

If you've been diagnosed with a stroke, the next steps are treatment and recovery. Understand the variety of treatment options, get recovery tips, and learn what having a stroke means for your health.

What's My Outlook?: A Long-Term Recovery Timeline

Recovering from a stroke takes time, but knowing what to expect can help you manage your expectations.

Assembling Your Recovery Team

After a stroke, a team of specialists, from doctors to therapists, will help usher you through the recovery process.

How Is Stroke Treated?

Emergency treatment for stroke is crucial in limiting damage and preventing another stroke or further complications.

Drugs to Treat Stroke and How They Work

Medications can help thin your blood to pass by a clot, stop it from growing, or prevent one from forming in the first place.

6 Alternative Therapies for Better Health After Stroke

Natural therapies can be added to your treatment plan to improve your overall health and help prevent future strokes.

Life After Stroke: Care Options

The type of rehabilitative care someone needs will depend on the severity of the stroke. It can range from at-home to in-patient care and skilled nursing.

The Aftermath of a Stroke

How quickly emergency treatment was administered and which part of the brain was affected determine the types of complications sustained after a stroke.

What to Do When Someone You Know Has a Stroke

Get first-hand advice on how to be there for a loved one after a stroke, from an expert who's been in your shoes.