What Is Sodium Chloride Used For?

Sodium chloride is an ionic compound found in various foods and medical treatments. More commonly referred to as “salt” or “table salt,” sodium chloride is used as a seasoning in many foods.

Medically, sodium chloride solutions are used in catheter flush injections or intravenous infusions, and for cleaning objects such as contact lenses in the form of saline. Sodium chloride inhalation can remove certain bacteria in body secretions.

What Precautions Should I Be Aware Of?

Excessive sodium chloride intake has been linked to:

  • heart disease
  • diabetes
  • gastric cancer

How Should I Use This Medicine?

Used medically, sodium chloride is generally inserted into the body intravenously.

What Side Effects May I Experience?

Sodium chloride consumption can induce bloating. Injections of sodium chloride can induce irritation at the injection site.

How Should I Store This Medicine?

Store sodium chloride in a cool (or room temperature), dry place.

Other Names/Brand Names

Sodium chloride is also known as:

  • NaCl
  • salt
  • table salt
  • common salt

Additional Information

For those with high blood pressure, low-sodium food options are available. Often, spices and other seasonings can be swapped for salt. Be wary—sodium chloride is found in many processed, packaged, and canned foods. Certain demographic groups, including African Americans and senior-aged people, are especially at risk of developing high blood pressure, and should be mindful of their sodium intake.