Rosemary Leaves Rosemary LeavesA great formula for clear thinking, or for when you’re pulling an all-nighter.


Fresh rosemary leaves

Fresh spearmint leaves



Chop a mixture of fresh rosemary and spearmint leaves and place in a canning-type jar.

Pour 80 proof vodka over the top of the herbs until completely covered. Put the lid on tightly and label the container with the ingredients and date. This is the menstruum.

Store the menstruum at room temperature, shaking vigorously every couple of days.

After 2-8 weeks, squeeze out the menstruum by straining the infused cider through a cotton cloth in the bottom of a colander. Compost the plant material.

Store the finished tincture in clean, labeled, and tightly closed dark glass bottles for up to one year.

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