A Little Change Makes a Big Difference

Tweaking your lifestyle a bit can help reduce the severity of the painful inflammation that comes with rheumatoid arthritis. This doesn't mean avoiding everything bad, but merely making sure you adjust to make time for the good. This includes regular exercise, keeping your weight in check, and getting the right support when you need it. Explore the articles below to see how you can create some healthier habits and improve your RA symptoms. 

Change Your Lifestyle for RA

8 Essential Everyday Exercises to Manage Pain

Regular exercise and stretching can help ease RA symptoms. Learn more about how you can prevent RA pain.

Joint Pain Remedies From Around the World

Wonder how rheumatoid arthritis is treated in other countries? You'd be surprised at some and amazed by others.

The 10 Best Places to Live with RA

Some places across the globe are better to live in if you have RA. These are based on access to healthcare, low smoking rates, and how much walking you can easily do, which will ease your RA symptoms.

Rheumatoid Arthritis Hormone Imbalance: The Truth Behind RA

Research into RA says its cause may be linked to genetics and a hormone imbalance, possibly opening the door to new treatment options.

Living with Rheumatoid Arthritis and the Importance of Support

Getting support from loved ones while living with rheumatoid arthritis is just as important as any other therapy.

22 Best Rheumatoid Arthritis Blogs of 2012

If you want to find out how other people deal with their RA, check out these bloggers we like.

The Worst Fitness Trends of All Time

Some people will do anything to get in shape quick and even more people will do anything for a quick buck.


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