Getting together with friends to celebrate a new arrival can be fun. Games seem to be the highlight (or lowlight) of each baby shower, depending on who planned them and how embarrassing or gross the games get. The good news is that we won’t suggest you play any dirty diaper games. Instead, here are 10 fun games sure to make your party a hit!

1. Embarrassing Baby Stories

Parents are notorious for sharing embarrassing stories about their little ones. This is a good icebreaker — ask each attendee to share one embarrassing story about themselves!

2. Baby’s First Bucket List

After nine months waiting for baby’s arrival, the first year flies by in a flash. Make it memorable! Ask your friends to contribute one special must-do for the family’s first year. Have them write suggestions on pretty notecards, and drop them into a decorated bucket. Use “baby’s first beach trip” and “make a footprint keepsake” as starter suggestions.

3. Last Letter, Baby Style

This is a classic. Simply have guests come up with baby-related terms for every letter of the alphabet. If someone gets legitimate entries for each letter, let them choose the next game.

4. Which Celebrity Mom Am I?

A variation of ‘Who Am I,’ when each guest comes in the door, put a nametag featuring the name of a celebrity mom on their back. Make sure they don’t see the name you’re assigning them. Let guests give each other hints as they try and guess who they are.

5. Diaper Raffle

Diapers are expensive, and new parents need all the help they can get. For every guest that brings a package of diapers, enter their name into a draw. The prize doesn’t have to be extravagant, maybe a book or gift card.

6. Which Baby Was I?

Have all guests bring a baby picture of themselves. Ask attendees to match the picture with the guest before the end of the party.

7. The Price Is Right

Have several baby items laid out on a table. Write their prices on notecards and mix them up. Have guests match the prices to the products. The winner is the one who matches the most prices correctly.

8. Baby Name Game

Assuming that the parents haven’t announced their new baby’s name, have the shower guests make suggestions. Create scorecards and let everyone give them a score between 1 and 5. Maybe mom will hear a few suggestions she likes!

9. New Baby Pictionary

Fill a bowl with baby-related terms like spit up, midnight feedings, and baby’s first shots. Split into teams. Each team will take turns drawing baby-related pictures and guessing. No talking from the artist!

10. New Mommy Reminders

Overwhelmed by baby, new moms sometimes forget to take care of themselves. Have guests write and draw reminder notes for mom, things she can look at during the first few months. “Take a warm bath while baby naps,” “Call a babysitter and go see a movie,” and “Don’t forget date night,” are a few good ones to start with.

When it comes to truly fun baby showers, good hosts know when to stop the games and just socialize. Mix in three to four games, but don’t forget to just enjoy the conversation, snacks, and, of course, opening gifts!