Welcome to the second trimester, the most enjoyable trimester of pregnancy for many women. Whereas in the first trimester you adjusted to the new hormonal balance and physical changes, and in the third trimester you will experience the physical discomforts of carrying a growing baby as you approach delivery, the second trimester is a time to relish being pregnant. You probably won't feel as sick as you might have during the first trimester; you may actually enjoy restful nights of sleep and increased energy during the daytime. You may feel better than you have in your entire life.

This HealthMap discusses the events and challenges that mark the second trimester of pregnancy. You will learn about the office visits and screening tests administered during this trimester, ways you can keep yourself in great shape through healthy exercise and eating, and how the fetus is developing during this time. This HealthMap also covers some of the physical changes you can expect during this trimester, along with warning signs for conditions that warrant immediate medical attention. If you are concerned about a symptom or complication of pregnancy, you should consult your doctor or health care provider.