With pregnant celebrities leading the charge, more parents today are electing unique name choices for their babies.

If you want Jr.’s moniker to stand out from other boys or girls his age, you might want to consider a general-neutral name. But hurry!

Names that work for boys or girls are surging in popularity. In 2014, Skylar, Kai, Jordan, and Harper were on the United States Social Security Administration’s list of the 200 most popular baby names. Any of those would be a fine choice for either a boy or girl.

You’ll want to consider your choice carefully if you are thinking about a gender-neutral name, though. Lydia Wilen, co-author of the book “The Perfect Name for the Perfect Baby,” recommends that new parents talk to older children who have unisex names.

Wilen’s research revealed that girls liked their unisex names more than boys, who preferred that others didn’t have to guess if they were a girl or boy.

If you choose to give your babe-to-be a unisex name, here are 10 popular choices.


Dutch in origin and meaning “scholar,” Skylar is a smart choice for a boy or girl. But it’s surging in popularity for girls.

Skylar was ranked number 48 in 2014 for girls in the United States, so your daughter will be in good company.

The name is a favorite choice of nature-loving parents. In the celeb world, actress Joely Fisher has a daughter named Skylar.


If you love the names Charlotte or Charles, but don’t want to copy a certain royal family, try Charlie instead.

Technically the name means “free man,” but it can still work well if you are having a girl.

Charlie was number 229 for girls on the Name Berry popularity index in 2014, but it’s rising quickly in popularity.


Jayden was the number 15 most popular boy’s name in the United States in 2014, according to the Social Security Administration. But it’s also popular with girls.

More feminine spellings might be Jaidyn or Jaden.

Jayden means “thankful.” Will and Jada Pinkett Smith’s son is named Jaden.


Harper is more popular for girls these days, but it’s growing in popularity with boys.

Celebrity Paul Simon started the trend in 1972 when he named his son Harper. Decades later in 2011, Victoria and David Beckham helped seal its popularity when they named their daughter Harper.

Harper literally means “harp player” and is English in origin.


Kai works as an alternative to the name Sky. It’s among the top 70 names for a boy in Britain, Canada, and Australia. And in the United States, parents-to-be are catching on.

Jennifer Connelly’s son is named Kai, and so is Donald Trump Jr.’s daughter.

The name Kai has some beautiful meanings in multiple cultures. In Hawaiian it means “sea.” In Japanese, “forgiveness.” It also means “willow tree” in Navajo.


If you are looking for a unisex name that also has some religious meaning, Jordan is the right choice.

It’s Hebrew in origin and means “to flow down.” That’s a reference to the river in Palestine where Jesus was baptized.


Your baby will be in some prime celebrity company with the name Taylor.

Of course, Taylor Swift is the queen on the female side of the moniker. But Taylor Lautner, the teenage heartthrob from “Twilight,” has helped keep it popular for boys.

Tyler or Tate also make strong masculine versions of this name as alternatives for your little man.


Rowan is Scottish and Irish in origin and means “little redhead.”

Brook Shields named her daughter Rowan in 2003.

Today there is one girl named Rowan for every two boys.


Quinn is of Irish origin and is a common Celtic surname. Today it is more popular with girls than with boys.

Famous female Quinns have appeared in “Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman” and on the show “Glee.”


Alex might be the original unisex name. It’s equally popular with boys and girls and has continuously been on top 100 lists for the last 20 years.

Alex is often short for Alexander or Alexandra, but also for Alessandra and Alejandra. It’s Greek in origin and is a classic choice.