There are so many important things your child depends on you for. Food on their plate, a roof over their head…and before any of that, a name. While some parents have potential names picked out long before conception, others wait until they’re pregnant, and still others until the baby has arrived.

What’s in a Name?

A great deal of consideration goes into a name. Interestingly, many parents don’t realize that their baby names are reflective of the times.

For example, Charlotte has had a surge in popularity this year, probably because of a certain royal baby. “Star Wars” has inspired generations of Lukes, and in a few years you could probably bet on there being an Anna or Elsa in every classroom.

Regions and seasons have a long history of inspiring baby names — like June and Georgia. And produce has always been in the mix, too, with new favorites, such as Kale, popping up every year.

In 2014, the 10 most popular names in the United States, according to the Social Security Administration, were:


“Boyhood” Inspires 2015 Baby Names?

While we won’t know for certain until the end of the year, as of summer 2015 things don’t appear to have changed much since last year, at least as far as girls are concerned. According to Baby Center, Emma, Olivia, and Sophia are still the most popular girl names in the United States, with the only new entry in the Top 10 being Amelia.

However, there are changes aplenty with boy names. Liam and Noah are still the most popular, but they’ve been joined by Mason — perhaps inspired by the main character in the movie “Boyhood”along with Logan, Lucas, Jackson, Oliver, and Aiden.

Another growing, but by no means new, trend is giving babies gender-neutral names, and giving boys names that have been traditionally associated with girls. These include Alexis, Courtney, Jordan, and Robin.

Why It’s Best to Know Ahead of Time

While keeping tabs on baby name trends is important, it’s just as important to not wait too long to name your newest addition. Oftentimes, when parents haven’t decided on a name before delivery, the hospital uses generic ones such as “Baby girl” and “Baby boy.”

These generic names can actually carry some medical risks at the hospital. According to a recent two-year study, having a baby’s name chosen by the time of birth can lower the chance of medical errors by as much as 36.3 percent. This effect may occur because having more than one baby without a name in a hospital increases the chances of “wrong-patient errors.”

Looking Ahead

Giving a name to a child is a big decision. Whether you like to be trendy or swim upstream, the most important thing is that you choose a name you feel good about. A name that means something, whether literally or personally, is a name your child will be proud to have.