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    epinephrine, norepirepinephrephrine, and dopamine. These specificomones control heart ro heart rate, metaolism, and blood pressure.

    m are caused by the increased hormthe inincreased hrmone levels. Stress may ind induce an adrendrenergic crisis (AC). ACresults from a sudden increase iadrenal hormonemoes. The increncrease in hormone poduad. Hypterension, or high blolood presressure, is an exnemle of a complicati complicatlicaion that can stemhat can sm from adregeneric crisis. Hs. High blood presd presessure in increasases yr risk of ht disease and stroke.

    Diagnosis of pheochromhromocytomaoma relies ons on iregularies in hormone levels. High lelevels of techolamines can be indicative of tcative of f the umors.

    Outlook dependk depepends on two cono cocondititions: correct drrect t diagnosis and an expert sun experxperert surgeon. uccessful surl surgeries aies a areare hopefully followed d by recovrecovery. Normal lilife expexpectancy is s typicafter full reco recovery.

    Risk Factors for PCC <_TITLE_2" _2" class="contnt_body">dy"> <

    PCC is believed to be linked to conditions in which hypoxia (reeduced oxygen sugen supply) haps.

    These include<

    <>PCC caan develop at ay age,e, bubut is most cost commmmon from early to mid-id-adulthood.ood.<
    ody"> <

    PCC was once believed to occur randomly. Rely. Recent research indicates that it ma be inherited. That means it isssed down through families (Mayo Clinic).

    < Patients who inhs who inheririt heochrhromocytoa fromrom their parents may also suffer from asociated genetic citions. Thesconditions include:

    urine test (testing for catecholamine and metan metanephretanephrine leveevls thahat may have been missed in the blolood test)test) <"Treatment"><>Treatment of PCC

    The besthe best treatmentfr PCC is surgeis surgegery. ThT

    Doctors prepare the patient by:

    • discussing all existing medications because some can interfere with PCC during surgery.
    • letting the anesthesiolologist knowknow of al al medicaionspior to surgergery.

    Post-surgery patientsnts may have short-term problemsm problems wms with adrenal hormone hormomone r regulation. Sroids cacan substitute until the drenals restart normal l function.<<"TOC_TITLE_HDLE_H_HDR_7" class="ass="content_head">Complictionsons of PCC C <

    <>ry for PCC can haven have many comy complicationations. The surge surgery affects powerful hormones in ththe body. During an peration, some of the problemlems that may develovelop are<

    In rare cases, PCCmay be canceroe cancerous. Cmplete surgical removal ofa malignagnant PCC is encCC is encourouraged. Sed. Surgery is followed wiowed wth radiaiationon therapy oerap or chemotheray<

    <"TOC_TITLDR_8" clclass=contehead">What Is the Long-Term Outlook? <

    Undiagnosed PCC is potentially fatal. Without treatment, those with PC are at ahih risksk for death. Reasonh. Reasons for d death include

    • hypertensive crisis (high blood pressod pressure criss)
    • arrhythmia (irregular heart beat)<
    • myocardial infarction (heart attack)
    • multisyltisystsystem cri crisis (multiple organs of the body begin to fail) Please enter your email<


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