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Conition that cannterfere with the absorptionf vimin D include:i> t themetabism of vitamin D li> ul> >A dithat dosn’t include phosphates can result i phophate depletion, which can also lead toosteomalacia. TLE_HDR_3" cass="content_head">he st commo sympom of osteomalacia. addling gait.gs, a and evyour rib. inr s ad ls, ad ms i your hn nd fe. class="content_body"> p>Blood teststoeck for lowlevvitaminD, calcium, and phosphorus in your bTerm? ead to manyroken seveinjuryith an incse in imin Dlcium, andphohorusmprov ca be en in fweeks.Complete heng of the bones takes about six months.="TOC_TITLE_7" ss="content_boy"> p>Symptomcan turn if sufficient vitamin D is not available bese splements are discontinued or underlying altnditionsuch s kidney failue, are not ddreed.