Knee Pain

Whether you’re about to have total knee replacement surgery or you just want to increase the strength and flexibility of your knees, your smartphone can be your best friend.

But which apps will best suit your needs? We’ve done the digging for you and found several free and paid apps that will help you get your knees in top shape, without a personal trainer.

My Knee Guide

iPhone and iPad rating:
5 stars Free

If knee replacement surgery is in your future, My Knee Guide could make for a helpful digital guide to help you through your experience. This free app allows users to customize their experience, including adding the date of the surgery to help them prepare properly. The app also stores key contact information for your doctors and rehab specialists.

All of the content was created by a practicing, board-certified orthopedic surgeon, so you know you’re getting quality information.

My Knee Injury

iPhone and iPad not enough ratings

My Knee Injury gives you the ins and outs of common knee injuries, and provides specific treatment guidelines for the different stages of injury. Along with detailed images and the signs and symptoms of each injury, My Knee Injury offers strengthening and flexibility exercises specifically designed for knee injury rehabilitation.

Following their rehabilitation exercises for the different stages of injury, as well as their guides on injury taping, this app will guide you through your treatment to get you back on your feet.

Yoga for Reducing Knee Pain

Android rating:
4 stars Free

Yoga is a great way to stretch and strengthen your entire body, but if you’re looking to target the knees, Yoga For Reducing Knee Pain may be a good bet.

This free app amasses hundreds of instructional videos to guide you through tried-and-true yoga exercises to help bring strength and flexibility back to your knees. The videos range in difficulty from the first-day novice to exercises for the seasoned veteran.

Knee Workout Gymnastics

Android rating:
4 stars Free

You don’t have to aspire to be an Olympian gold medalist to do some gymnastics to improve your knee strength. Knee Workout Gymnastics uses simple graphics and instructions perfect for anyone of any level. Starting with basic knee strengthening exercises, the exercises increase in difficulty, up to advanced exercises. 

The recently updated version of the app fixes small bugs, making using it that much easier. 

Flexibility Workout Exercises

Android rating:
3.5 stars Free

Fitivity’s Flexibility Workout Exercises is developed by athletic trainers for an all-in-one flexibility center. Along with instructional coaching videos and animations, you will find exercises with detailed instructions, to ensure you’re doing it properly. Besides knee exercises, it also includes stretches for your groin, back, and other major muscle groups to give you a complete and balanced workout. 

The app also features Fitivity Events, which connects you with other aspiring athletes in your area to engage in pick-up games, classes, and more.

Knee Surgery Simulator

Android rating:
4 stars Free

For a more playful and fun look at knee surgery and recovery, check out Knee Surgery Simulator. With this game, you can help out characters like a cowboy or a biker who have fallen off their rides and need surgery to fix their broken knees. 

Even if you master all levels of the game, don’t replicate it in real life. That’s best left for the professionals.

Knee Gym: Exercises for Knee Pain and Arthritis

iPhone and iPad not enough ratings

We’d be remiss to not recommend Healthline’s own Knee Gym app. We cover more than 40 exercises that can help people with osteoarthritis and other common knee problems. Each exercise includes step-by-step, voice-guided instructions, as well as videos to help you through each one.

Each exercise was designed by a certified physical therapist, ensuring that all are safe and effective for people experiencing knee pain. The workouts are tailored to focus on improving your balance, strength, flexibility, and cardio endurance.