Have trouble sleeping due to your arthritis pain? Rest is extremely important for the relief of knee pain. Here are four simple tips to make your night comfortable and relaxing so you’ll be better prepared for a fresh start the next day.

  • To help you find a comfortable sleep position, try placing a pillow between your knees if you sleep on your side, or under your knees if you're a back-sleeper. Use specially designed "propping pillows" if you like. Alternately, grab extra pillows from the guest bed, or even decorative pillows from the sofa.
  • If arthritis makes it difficult to get into or out of bed or to get into a comfortable position for sleeping, try satin sheets or pajamas. They're slippery and reduce friction that leads to tugging. They also let you make subtle adjustments in your position, so you can drift more easily into sleep.
  • A warm, 20-minute bath before bed is not only relaxing, it may soothe aching joints and make sleep arrive more quickly. Read a good page-turner, light candles, or play your favorite low-key tunes. Make it a ritual you look forward to.
  • If arthritis pain keeps you awake, the timing of your medications may be to blame. Ask your doctor if adjusting your dosing schedule might provide more nighttime pain relief.