The Best of MS

Multiple sclerosis (MS) is a chronic, degenerative, and often debilitating autoimmune disease that affects the central nervous system. Symptoms can range from mild numbness and tingling to paralysis and blindness. Life with MS is as unpredictable as the disease itself and full of unique challenges.

It seems these days there’s an app for nearly everything, and MS is no exception. The following is a list of mobile apps designed to educate you about the disease, keep track of your symptoms, and help you remember your medications.

MS Diagnosis and Management

Diagnosis and Management

iPhone – 4 Stars – Free

Android – 4.5 Stars – Free

The Multiple Sclerosis - Clinical Care app is designed to be a handy tool for neurologists, resident physicians, and other healthcare providers to aid in the diagnosis and management of MS.

This comprehensive app was a collaborative effort between the developer, Borm Bruckmeier Publishing, and the National MS Society. It contains everything from a list of MS signs and symptoms to a two-question screening tool for depression, which is commonly seen in patients with the disease.

MS @Point of Care

point of care

iPhone – 3.5 Stars – Free

MS @Point of Care provides extensive information on MS for those in the health care world. Presented in a multi-media format, it has user-interactivity that allows for highlighting, note taking, and searching contents.

This decision-making tool presents valuable information in an easy-to-digest format. MS @Point of Care is a series of chapters and other tools that aid in making informed decisions regarding diagnosis, treatment, and symptom management.

MSAA Multiple Sclerosis Self-Care Manager

MSAA iPhone – 3.5 Stars – Free

Android – 3.3 Stars – Free

This app is the first in our list that is specifically designed for the MS patient. And, it delivers just what the name implies. Created by the Multiple Sclerosis Association of America (MSAA), users can track their relapses and symptoms, manage their medications, and get the latest in research news.

The app comes with a built-in journal, and it even allows you to compile your medical records.



iPhone – 4.5 Stars – Free

Android – 3.9 Stars – Free

CareZone is an app meant to coordinate family, caregivers, and patients so that everyone in your circle can stay up to date on crucial information. This app is not MS-specific, but it works well for those who have chronic conditions and depend on others for help.

Features include: a calendar, a journal, a place to organize photos and files, medication list, and the ability to share all of this with other family members and caregivers.

Momentum Magazine


iPhone – 4.5 Stars – Free

Android – 5 Stars – Free

The quarterly publication from the National MS Society, Momentum Magazine has the largest circulation of any MS magazine. And now there’s an app to make reading it on the go possible.

Get the latest on research news and practical tips on health, nutrition, and fitness. This app focuses on helping people with MS and their families live the best life possible.

Multiple Sclerosis - MedImage Cases


iPhone – 4 Stars – Free

This teaching app comes in e-textbook format. It presents case studies of MS and includes accompanying MRI images so that medical students can learn the story behind the lesions.

Detailed outlines of case studies guide the user through presentation to conclusion, teaching the correlation between MRI images and symptoms. This is a great app for anyone trying to gain a deeper understanding of how the pathological changes in the MS patient’s brain lead to the varied symptoms of the disease.

EDSS Calculator


iPhone – not enough ratings – $0.99

Android – 4.3 Stars – Free

The Expanded Disability Status Scale (EDSS) is the gold standard for rating the level of disability in a person who has MS. This app is a handy calculator for neurologists to use during patient visits to assess their scores.

The EDSS measures cognitive, sensory, and visual function, as well as ambulation. Having a way to quickly gauge a patient’s disability aids doctors in providing care that’s custom-fitted to the patient.

MS Journal


iPhone – 5 Stars – $0.99

Injections are a part of life for many people living with MS. Remembering when to take them and recalling the next injection site can be a challenge. But there’s MS Journal for anyone trying to keep track.

This injection-tracking app tells you when and where to inject your medication next. You’re more likely to adhere to doctor’s orders with this reminder app. As a bonus, MS Journal allows you to save comments and email reports to yourself or your doctor. 

Bones, Joints & Muscles

Bones Joints Muscles

iPhone – 3 Stars – Free

This free app has a searchable, alphabetically organized database of conditions that relate to your bones, joints, and muscles. The long list of conditions ranges from arthritis to heart disease, fibromyalgia and more.

Designed to educate the user in easy-to-understand layman’s terms, this app is great for the average person who wants to learn about illnesses, diseases, and conditions. It’s also handy for medical students, nurses, and other medical professionals as a quick guide.


rxmind me

iPhone – 4 Stars – Free

As with any chronic condition, those with MS may find themselves taking several prescription medications or vitamin supplements every day. Remembering when to take them — or whether you took them yet — can be challenging.

RxmindMe is a medication reminder app designed to help you keep track of your medicines. You can set up your medication reminder notifications, complete with dosage information, and record when you’ve taken them.



iPhone– 4.5 stars – Free

SymTrac is an MS symptom-tracking tool created by Novartis Pharmaceuticals. Record and rate your daily symptoms, chart your progress over time, and share your information with your healthcare team. The ability to add custom symptom means that no matter how unusual, you can still document and track it within the app.

Patients often go a year or more between visits with their neurologists. SymTrac eliminates the need to remember relapses or day-to-day symptoms. It also includes a series of exercises designed for people with MS.

MSPT by the Cleveland Clinic


iPhone (coming soon)

Dr. Stephen Rao has spearheaded the development of the Multiple Sclerosis Performance Test (MSPT) app in an effort to measure cognitive issues in MS patients more easily. Until now, testing an MS patient’s cognitive deficit required the use of paper and pencil and a technician’s supervision.

Using this app, a patient sits in a quiet room and matches numbers and symbols as quickly as possible. The test takes about five minutes, after which the doctor immediately records the results. Over time, compiled results can chart the course of a patient’s cognitive symptoms. This coming app will be useful for making treatment decisions.

MS? There’s an App for That!

Whether you’re a doctor examining a patient with symptoms of MS or you’re living with the disease, this comprehensive list of apps is certain to have something to make your life easier.

From journals to record your symptoms or relapses to apps you can share to keep all family members in the loop, check out all our picks to see which ones might help you live a better life with MS.


We selected these MS apps based on their potential to aid people with MS and their loved ones in a number of ways. Additional factors considered in selecting these apps include: user ratings, affordability, accessibility, format, functionality, and relevance to MS and its community's needs. Together, this collection represents the gamut of helpful iPhone and Android apps that are useful in making life with MS more manageable.