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Living with Advancing Multiple Sclerosis: Series Overview

This 10-part video series delves into the stories and perspectives of real-life multiple sclerosis patients, as well as an expert neurologist, as they explore the latest treatments, advancements in medications, and tips for maintaining the best possible quality of life.

Assess Your MS Symptoms

Multiple Sclerosis Assessment Tool

Use this video assessment tool to get a better understanding of your MS and how to manage the disease.

Doctor Discussion: Is Your MS Treatment Plan Working?

You’re several years into your treatment for MS: Are your symptoms and flare-ups under control? Is MS affecting your quality of life? Have changes to your diet and exercise habits yielded positive results?

Treatments for Advancing MS

Risk and Rewards of Treating Multiple Sclerosis

Learn about the pros and cons of various treatments and medications for MS as well the risks associated with delaying or interrupting treatment.

Multiple Sclerosis: What Does the Future Hold

Learn about forthcoming therapies, upcoming clinical trials, new breakthroughs, and find out why treating your symptoms now may leave you better positioned to benefit from future advancements.

Therapy Options

A number of drugs are effective in alleviating symptoms and combating relapses of MS. However, it’s crucial to understand the risks of treatment options.

Understanding Infusion Treatments for Multiple Sclerosis

Traditional multiple sclerosis (MS) treatments are designed to ease the symptoms of the autoimmune disease and to reduce the lasting impact MS flares have on the body. A new type of medicine can modify how the disease behaves.

Managing Advancing MS

Questions and Answers: Managing Relapses

The unpredictability of multiple sclerosis makes it difficult to manage. However, it is possible to develop a treatment regimen that slows or prevents relapses.

Managing Relapses and the Progression of MS

One of the challenges of multiple sclerosis is coping with the constantly changing state of the disease.

Making Healthy Choices

Maintaining a healthy weight is an important part of managing multiple sclerosis.

Advancing MS: Are You Sabotaging Your Treatment?

Even if you feel that your symptoms are under control or if you’re experiencing long periods of time between relapses, compliancy and failing to stick with your treatment plan can hasten the progression of MS.

Exercises to Manage MS

Relieve symptoms and promote mobility with these 9 exercises.

Exercise Therapy for Advancing Multiple Sclerosis

Discover the benefits of exercise therapy for your MS.

Enhance Your Independence

From mobility aids to lifestyle strategies, there are many solutions to help you stay mobile and maintain your quality of life.

Guide to Adaptive Devices for MS

Learn what adaptive devices are available for your MS.

The Importance of Networks

A key part of your MS coping strategy should involve developing a strong support network – friends, mentors, caregivers, relatives …people who will be there to help understand and deal with the symptoms and progressions of your disease.

Maintaining a Healthy Mind

Use our guide to reduce stress and create a positive, healthy mindset so that you can better maintain your quality of life.

Tips for Maintaining Mobility with Multiple Sclerosis

Learn four tips for staying mobile and moving with MS.

Other MS Risks

Advancing MS and Other Complications

Learn what symptoms you should be aware of, and report any noticeable changes to your doctor.

Understanding the JC Virus and the Risks for MS Patients

Learn how an extremely common and normally harmless virus may put certain multiple sclerosis patients at risk for some dangerous complications and what you should discus with your doctor before starting treatment.

Advice for MS Caregivers

MS Caregivers: Your First Job is Keeping Your Loved One On Track

While it’s true that advancing MS can lead to increasing disability, the job of a caregiver starts long before this point. One of the most important things caregivers can provide is support and continued encouragement. The best plan to beating MS is sticking to a treatment plan.

Caregiver Support

Caring for someone with multiple sclerosis (MS) brings stresses and uncertainties not experienced in any other type of caregiving

Building Your Support Team

Partnering With Your Provider

Learn techniques for maintaining an open and productive dialogue with your medical provider so that you can make the most of your time together.

The Importance of Networks

A key part of your MS coping strategy should involve developing a strong support network – friends, mentors, caregivers, relatives—people who will be there to help understand and deal with the symptoms and progressions of your disease.


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