Bryan Au, Chef, LA, CA Bryan Au, Chef, LA, CAHealthline: Can you give us a little background about your father’s experience with stomach cancer?

Bryan: Basically, he ate too much meat—especially the kind that has sodium nitrate, which is a leading cause of stomach cancer.

When we lived in Vietnam, my dad did not eat that much meat, but after coming to America he started eating it all the time. All the stores have coupons and special sales on meat, and even in restaurants, there are big slabs of meat everywhere. All the meat contributed to his stomach pains. His stomach ached very badly and he had problems going to the bathroom, so we went to the doctor. The doctors’ tests revealed large tumors and stomach cancer.

The doctor said the cancer was too advanced and in too risky of an area to operate, so the best thing was to try chemotherapy. He did advise that chemotherapy was also risky and potentially lethal too, so we had to come up with solutions and a plan quickly. I wanted my dad to fast, change his diet, and do some colonics (cleansing). Many people have reversed and cured their cancer doing these things. But, he went with what his doctor said, even if it meant risking his life and undergoing a lot of pain.

Chemotherapy was very scary. I thought my dad was going to die. He looked so thin, all his hair was lost, he looked worse than a zombie, and he complained about how much it hurt. I really thought he was not going to make it—he looked like death itself.

But he made it through chemotherapy! By going vegetarian and eating the recipes I invented for him, he overcame chemotherapy and is so super healthy now you can't tell he ever had stomach cancer!

Now my Dad is on a mostly vegetarian diet. He still eats some meat every now and again but not as much and very rarely. He avoids anything with sodium nitrate in it and actually reads his food labels and ingredients now. It is very important to read and know what you are eating. If it has a lot of chemicals or ingredients you cannot pronounce, you should not be eating it!

Healthline: Did the condition affect your relationship with your father?

Bryan: At first, I was very angry that he did not listen to me for all these years and that we had to go through this in the first place. I thought he was going to die, and I started to feel much closer to him.

I had many mixed emotions and feelings—it was a real roller coaster ride! From fear, anger, fear of him dying, and then to pure joy and happiness when he finally changed his diet and got better. I appreciate my Dad a lot more now. It was a good bonding experience and it taught me many things about life, diet, choices, what is really important and how much I really love my dad. We are much closer now.

Healthline: Did it have any effect on his (or your) career?

Bryan: Yes, it changed my path! In college I studied International Business but because of what happened to my dad I changed careers. I self-published the recipes I invented for my dad in 2005, in a book titled Raw in 10 Minutes, because I wanted everyone to learn and benefit from what I went through. Then, this year I landed my first major publishing with Fast Pencil Premiere, and published Raw Star Recipes: Organic Meals, Snacks & Desserts in 10 Minutes. It is a gorgeous 208 page full color recipe book!

My main mission now is to help people become happy and healthy, and to prevent what happened to my dad from happening to other people! It does not have to happen, and if it does happen it can be reversed and cured. And I want to help.

Healthline: Did seeing your father suffer from cancer have any impact on how you’ve handled your own health issues?

Bryan: Yes, I know that I never want to go through that myself or force my loved ones to have to share that experience either. It is totally preventable and people can reverse or cure it if they have the proper diet and tools. I have always been very healthy. I became a vegetarian at age 12 and have never been sick since!

Healthline: Has the experience changed your (or your father’s) overall outlook on your health and/or on taking care of your body?

Bryan: Yes, he finally admits I am right. My dad used to only believe what he saw on TV or read in newspapers! But, because of what happened to him, he became a believer and he is much more careful with what he eats now. He is very grateful that he survived and is actually very healthy. He eats more fresh, healthy, raw organic fruits and vegetables and enjoys the recipes I invented. We truly are what we eat! My dad wants everyone to know his story and to learn from his experience. By eating better and exercising more, everyone can prevent the misery and suffering he endured.

Healthline: Knowing what you know now, what kind of preventative measures (if any) do you wish you would have taken earlier in your life?

Bryan: I wish I could have forced my Dad to eat this way before, but you can't force anything on anyone. In fact, the more you try to change someone, the more they will do the very thing you are trying to change. So looking back there is nothing I could have done. People have to either learn by carefully studying the facts and making smart decisions, or through experience. I suggest being smart, looking at facts and real information, and making the right choices. 

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