Healthline's Menopause Community

The Healthline menopause community features two bloggers who have harnessed their experience with menopause to create a venue for women to come together and find support. Women’s health blogger, Wendy Hoffman, became a menopause expert after researching facts and management techniques when she began the transition in 2007. Her work has since developed into a comprehensive resource for women in mid-life all over the world.

Magnolia Miller is a writer, advocate, and educator of women’s health and founder of Pink Zinnia Publishing and Health Communications. Her experience with Perimenopause inspired her to start The Perimenopause Blog to empower women like her who feel frustrated and confused about this stage in their lives. 

Hold that Pause

Hold that Pause

Magnolia Miller blogs about her experiences with perimenopause and menopause, and offers advice for women to make the most of their menopausal years.

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Menopause Corner

Menopause Corner

Wendy Hoffman blogs about menopause and women's health—particularly focusing on how diet and nutrition can positively affect a woman's life around the age of menopause.

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