Lifestyle Tips for Your Menopause Years

As your body changes during menopause, you’ll experience changes in every aspect of your life—and your life as you knew it up to this point. Learning how to relieve physical symptoms and finding a sense of balance will help you manage the mental and emotional stresses caused by this transition. Quit smoking, get enough sleep, and make a conscious effort to eat healthily and exercise more to keep symptoms under wrap and keep you feeling your best.  

Many women use this time to refocus on themselves Discover new hobbies or pick up old ones. Delve into meditation, yoga, and other relaxation techniques and exercise routines. Experiment with acupuncture or massage therapy. Concentrate on what’s important to you. Remember, menopause may mark the end of one stage of your life, but it also introduces a new one.    

Lifestyle Tips for Menopause

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