Irritable Bowel Syndrome

Are You Experiencing IBS?

Irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) affects the large intestine and causes many uncomfortable symptoms, such as bloating, gas, cramping, diarrhea, constipation, and pain. An estimated 10 to 15 percent of American adults suffer from this condition.

We can help you understand and manage your condition:

Newly Diagnosed?

The first step is arming yourself with knowledge about IBS »

Symptom Relief

The toughest part about having IBS
is dealing with the symptoms »

IBS and You

Learn how to tailor treatment to make your life with IBS easier »

Living With IBS

Is It IBS or Something Else?

IBS often shares symptoms with other conditions, such as Crohn's disease. Find out if you have IBS or something else.

How to Relieve IBS-Related Gas Safely and Easily

Gas isn't something anyone wants to deal with, but for people with IBS, it's an unfortunate reality. Learn easy ways to manage your IBS-related gas.

What to Expect: IBS Tests and Diagnosis

Learn which tests and examinations doctors use to diagnose irritiable bowel syndrome and what your symptoms could mean.

'Where Did That Come From?' Identifying IBS Trigger Foods

Certain foods can worsen your IBS. Use these easy tips to help identify your trigger foods and keep your insides happy.

Newly Diagnosed? What to Ask Your Doctor About IBS

Being diagnosed with IBS can leave you with a lot of questions. Here's a list of the most important to ask at your next doctor visit.