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Can you accurately predict whether your partner will cheat on you? No. But a new study published in the journal of Sex Research suggests you can make an educated guess based on how powerful their job is.

The study found that people in upper management were exponentially more likely to report being unfaithful than those below them on the totem pole. Simply put: Power increases infidelity. Which suggests it’s not a coincidence so many high-profile celebrities, politicians, and businessmen have affairs. (See: Bill Clinton, Tiger Woods, former CIA director David Petraeus, etc., etc.)

power of infidelity graph

Nearly 40 percent of those in upper-management admitted to cheating, while those in lower management reported being unfaithful just 9 percent of the time.

Does this mean you should preemptively dump your high-powered partner? That’s probably irrational. But if you already feel suspicious and they just got another promotion, you may want to wiretap their phones communicate your feelings.