The Best HIV/AIDS and STD Blogs of the Year

We’ve carefully selected these blogs because their writers are actively working to educate, inspire, and empower their readers with frequent updates and high-quality information. If you would like to tell us about a blog, nominate them by emailing us at!

Living with a serious disease can be difficult. Those difficulties are made worse when the disease has a stigma. While people have a better understanding of sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) than ever before, they can still be isolating and scary for those affected.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, about 1.2 million people in the United States are living with an HIV infection. Additionally, over 650,000 people are diagnosed with AIDS each year.

There are many resources available that can offer support for the men and women living with HIV and AIDS.

Justin’s HIV Journal

Numerous government agencies work to support advocacy efforts and spread HIV and AIDS awareness in the United States. This blog functions as a sort of clearinghouse for all of their hard work, with all the latest news on healthcare reform as it pertains to either condition, information about upcoming awareness days, videos from recent seminars and conferences, plus a lot more.

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The Body: HIV/AIDS Blog Central

From information for the newly diagnosed, to personal stories, The Body covers it all. Most of the blog’s writers are either living with HIV or AIDS, or are heavily involved in the life of someone who is. They write about how the disease is portrayed in the news and in pop culture, the challenges and achievements of the HIV community, and their own life experiences.

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HIV/AIDS Advice from Verywell’s HIV/AIDS channel is run by Dr. Dennis Sifris and HIV educator James Myhre. It serves up everything from healthy living tips to the latest in treatment news. Learn why some communities are more affected than others, what drug combinations someone who is newly diagnosed should consider, and which daily habits might be negatively affecting your treatment.

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HCV Advocate

Hepatitis C is largely transmitted through infected blood, but like hepatitis B, it results in long-term liver damage. Over 130 million people worldwide are living with a chronic hepatitis C infection. The HCV Advocate blog is a place to go for the latest research and developments in treatments and studies. Around since 2010, it’s a wealth of information and a great resource.

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Hep B Blog

Like HIV, hepatitis B is a viral infection that can be contracted through sexual contact. It affects over 240 million people worldwide. The Hep B Blog is a place to go to learn far more about the disease, the latest research and treatments, and where to find support. This is a great resource for people who are dealing with a hepatitis B diagnosis and all that goes along with it.

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HIV and ID Observations

Hosted by the Massachusetts Medical Society, who publish the New England Journal of Medicine, HIV and ID Observations is a blog maintained by Dr. Paul E. Sax. He looks at the latest research, as well as some of the “not-so-medical” news about HIV and infectious disease. It’s one of the most reputable HIV blogs around, with Q&As, news breakdowns, and more.

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HIV Negative Spouses

There is a world of women out there who don’t have HIV themselves, but have spouses and partners who do. This blog is a place for them to find and share support. From helping their loved ones cope with their health problems and medications, to sharing hopes for the future of HIV treatment, to ensuring their own protection against the disease, HIV Negative Spouses is a great source for partners.

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I’m Still Josh

Josh Robbins, who was diagnosed in 2012, is one of the most popular HIV personalities on the web, and he is using that renown to advocate for awareness. I’m Still Josh is where he shares his story, as well as those of other men and women who are living with HIV. Josh also covers the latest news about the virus, and what’s going on in terms of how it’s being addressed in pop culture and news media.

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Justin’s HIV Journal

When Justin B. Terry-Smith was diagnosed with HIV over 10 years ago, his outlook was grim. Today, he’s married with two sons. An Air Force veteran who has been involved in activism since 1999, his blog posts and video journals cover the latest HIV-related news, information about treatments and therapies like PrEP, nonprofits that are making a difference, and his children and travels.

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Living in the Bonus Round

Musician Steve Shalchin is living in the bonus round, the period in a game show where “time speeds up and the prizes are better.” Steve started this blog in 1996 to track the days, weeks, and months before his death… but now, 20 years later, he’s still living life to the fullest. Steve’s entries aren’t exclusive to HIV and AIDS, and many are about music, whether it’s theater, therapeutic, or his own.

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A Marine and HIV

Brian Ledford learned of his HIV status during his service as a U.S. Marine, just two days before his first deployment, when a blood test came back showing that he was HIV-positive. “It is hard enough being gay in the Marines but having HIV made it even harder to keep my personal life my own,” he writes. On his blog, Ledford discusses the problems with labels, HIV-related depression, and the daily challenges of living with the virus.

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My Fabulous Disease

Mark S. King is a nationally recognized HIV/AIDS advocate who has been working to raise awareness about the disease for decades. King is also a recovering addict. On his blog, you’ll find HIV-related news, as well as personal reflections and profiles of game-changers in the HIV/AIDS community. We like visiting this blog to see what’s happening in the social world of activism.

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My Journey with AIDS…. and More!

Kenn Chaplin has been living with HIV since 1989. Throughout the years, he’s had many ups and downs, and has fallen seriously ill several times. While he admits his posts might not come on a consistent schedule, they are consistently honest and real. From getting accustomed to using a walker, to receiving an award for 25 years in AIDS activism, it’s a peek inside Kenn’s life, with no filter.

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POZ’s Blog

POZ is a print magazine and a website, created for people living with HIV and AIDS. On their blog, you’ll find moving stories from around the web, the latest news from Washington, D.C., and personal accounts of how some people are learning to cope with and fight their HIV. There’s also a POZ Stories series, which features interviews with HIV-positive people from all over the world. They share their challenges, frustrations, and hopes for the future.

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Poz Life of Patrick

Patrick Ingram was diagnosed as HIV-positive in 2011. Like many of the other entries on our list, he’s used his diagnosis and health as fuel for his advocacy efforts and to create change. He works within his community and online to raise awareness on issues affecting the HIV/AIDS community. We like the variety of topics on his blog — from the personal to the global — as well as his humor and use of GIFs.

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Shawn and Gwenn

There are many misconceptions about HIV, and one of the biggest is that it only affects gay men. Shawn contracted the virus as a young child, after receiving a tainted blood transfusion for his hemophilia. Gwenn is his partner, both in life and in his advocacy efforts. The pair has been educating others about living with the condition since 2000, and their blog is a look into their lives and work.

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The STD Project

Janelle Marie Davis, who founded The STD Project, is dedicated to tearing that stigma down. Living with an STD herself (herpes), she knows how much having one can impact your life, but also knows that it doesn’t mean it can’t be a full one. Blog posts, some of which are written by guests, cover how to recognize symptoms of an STD, discuss what living life with one is like, and feature interviews with people who have them.

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The Well Project

Women are underrepresented when it comes to HIV and AIDS support and advocacy efforts, something Dawn Averitt learned firsthand when she was diagnosed. That’s why she started The Well Project — to provide women and girls with the support and education they deserve. It’s a place for them to share their stories and struggles, and we like the unique and much-needed perspectives it brings.

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