While there remains no cure for HIV or AIDS, remarkable advancements in treatments and clinical understanding of how the disease progresses are allowing doctors to help their patients live longer, fuller lives.
Today’s advanced antiretroviral drugs are able to suppress the virus and slow its progression in the body, often suppressing the HIV virus to nearly undetectable levels. If antiretroviral medication is successful, a person may be able to add many healthy, productive years to his or her life.

HIV Treatments: Prescription Medications

There isn't a cure for HIV, but many different medications are used to treat it. Read about the types of drugs that can help keep HIV under control.

Bodies In Motion: Treatments for HIV

Take a 3-D, animated look inside the body and learn how HIV attacks the immune system and how today's antiviral therapies can stop the progression of the disease.

Understanding the “AIDS Cocktail”

Also known as HAART, this combination of multiple drugs has been highly effective in delaying the progression of HIV to AIDS.

The Evolution of HIV Treatments

Learn how advancements in treatments and our understanding of the disease are allowing patients to live fuller lives.

A Patient’s Guide to Living with HIV

Learn about working with your doctors, starting on treatments, managing the stress of diagnosis, and lifestyle changes.

Understanding Structured Treatment Interruptions

The notion of taking a planned break from your HIV treatment is a controversial topic. Learn the risks and benefits of STIs and why you should always consult with your doctor before making any change to your HIV treatment.

True Stores: Living with HIV

Three patients share their stories of being diagnosed, being honest about, and living with HIV.

How HIV Affects the Body

HIV is unique in its ability to compromise the immune system. Learn how the disease progresses and makes patients susceptible to serious complications.


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