air freshener

It’s still debated whether spraying your furniture and clothes with a chemical-based freshener, like many of the name-brand choices, is a good idea. Some people feel very strongly that fragrance sprays that are made with chemicals are unsafe. Others argue that there is simply not enough proof to clearly decide.

Which side of this debate are you on? Maybe it’s time to rethink your position on this very important topic.

3 Reasons to Think Twice About Chemical Fragrances

1. The skin-ny on chemical products could be negative. These products are designed to make your home smell cleaner, but studies show that they could damage your skin.

2. Don’t lung-e for brand-name cleaners. Scientists suspect that chemical cleaners could be harmful to the respiratory tract. A recent study actually found a possible link between asthma and exposure to chemical cleaning products.

3. Paws off! Chemical cleaners could be dangerous for your pets. The Humane Society recommends removing your pets from the room before spraying products like Febreze, because of unknown potential health risks.

Unfinished Business

A single bottle of cleaner can contain dozens of different chemical mixtures. It’s uncertain what sort of long-term effects these manmade substances can have on humans and pets. Almost every study agrees that more research needs to be done to determine whether chemical fragrance products are safe.

What’s the Alternative to Chemical Products?

Instead of risking the negative effects of a chemical-based product, use a homemade product that utilizes the natural refreshing fragrance found in essential oils. Essential oils come from natural products, like wood, flowers, and fruits, and their aromas can be relaxing and rejuvenating.

A Basic Recipe

Create your own air freshener using this fragrant mixture, provided by Anne Rierson of Aura Cacia, an aromatherapy and essential oils provider:

  • 4oz water
  • 16 drops essential oil
  • 6 drops red or white thyme essential oil
  • 2 drops patchouli essential oil 

Combine the water and the oil in a 4-ounce spray bottle and shake vigorously. Your deodorizer is ready to be sprayed in your home.

You can customize your air freshener by choosing a variety of different oils. Your eye can help you pick out a combination that your nose will like. Choose three different-colored oil: light, medium, and very dark. This will create a fragrance that smells fresh and balanced.

Have fun experimenting with scents until you find the perfect fragrance for you. You’ll likely create an air freshener that will beat any factory-made mixture, and without potential health risks.