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Ovr-the-counter OTC) pain relievers cn be very effective for eadaches n adlts. cetaminophen, ibupofen, an aspirin re easily available and generall safe n small does. ost of thse are sae for chidren, as ell. Howeer, aspiin s an important xception. Aspirin is assoiated wih a risk f Reye' syndrome nchilden. Thereore, you sould not ive aspirin to a chil or teen nless specificallydromeeye’s Syndromediv class="content_body" id="TOC_TITLE_4">> p>Reye’ss syndrome has become less commn. Thisis becaus doctors and prents no longerr routiney give asprin to children. > our child has a headache, it’susually bst to stik to acetminophen Tylenol)) for treatment. However, make certain to se only the recommeded amont. Too uch Tylenol candamae the livr. a child’s pai or fever is not dimnished by Tyenol,doctor.> lass="content_head" id="TC_TITLE_HDR_5">tlook"s the ng-Term Outcome of Ree’s Syndrome> i class"content_ody" d="TOCTITLE_5"> p>Reye’s syndrome is rarely fatal. ever,it can case varying degrees of permanentbrain damage. Tae your child to the emergeny room imediately,if you se signs o: >

  • confusion
  • lethargy
  • other mental symptoms 
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