E-mails have been coming in how readers quickly fixed their own pain and got better strengthening using the simple principle here on Fitness Fixer and my website.

Last week's post Each One Teach One showed how reader Ivy from New Zealand fixed a neighbors back pain.

This week is an e-mail from KMLash who quickly stopped 15 years of knee pain:

"Your paper on how to  fix your knee pain is by far the most important thing that I've done for my knee since I injured it 15 years ago. I've tried every supplement that has good statistical results behind it (e.g. ASU), custom orthotics, physical therapy, massage, leg strengthening, weight loss and any other cure that I read about and still I've been suffering with knee pain for years - especially when standing in 1 spot. It's put a damper on countless vacations, social engagements, etc.

"I read  How to Fix Your Own Knee Pain and within a few days of implementing the techniques for both walking and standing I got results in my knee and surrounding muscles that I have not been able to get in 15 years. The first day I began using the techniques in your paper I began to experience relief and the second day it was obvious to me that I had come upon something that would do for me what nothing else did in 15 years of trying. I have never come across the concept of proper leg posture and its potential to relieve knee pain until I came across your paper. But the minute I read it and took a walk to try the techniques it became obvious to me that my leg posture was terrible and that all my weight was being placed on my knees with minimal support from my leg muscles. The concept of using my heels has been especially helpful. Additionally, keeping my body weight slightly backward from where it use to be during walking and standing has allowed me to place my weight on my heal and maintain proper posture. With that I immediately felt my leg muscles begin to spring into action and my body weight taken off my knees. The relief to my knee and surrounding muscles that has ached for years was very noticeable.

"Thanks for sharing this paper on the internet. It's a major find for me that's relieved knee pain that's hampered my life for 15 years. I really appreciate it."

"One other point worth mentioning - In becoming aware of my leg posture, I became conscious of the position of my feet when standing. The foot on my "bad knee leg" pointed outward a good 15-20 degrees. The foot on my "good knee leg" pointed outward less than 5 degrees. I have consciously been pointing the foot on my bad knee leg straighter and it has allowed me to stand in one spot for long periods of time without my knee and the connective tissue above the knee hurting. So, just becoming aware of the concept of leg posture has made me conscious of various aspects of my posture including my feet.
Thanks again. "

More Fitness Fixer to help get your knees in shape:

  • Healthy Knees shows how to easily use your leg muscles when landing from jumps, to prevent inward knee sagging that gradually grinds the joint. Easily apply this to descending stairs, walking, running, and regular daily life activities.
  • Improve Stretch and Strength With Better Kicking shows preventing hyperextension that hurts knee cartilage.
  • Which Shoes Help Exercise, Fall Prevention, and Ankles? shows how positioning (body mechanics and ergonomics if you like bigger words) prevent many problems that strengthening alone does not.
  • Free Exercise and Free Back and Knee Pain Prevention - Healthy Bending shows good bending using the half-squat, so you can bend knees without pain.
  • Strengthen Legs Without Knee Pain - Standing Lunge shows more good bending that saves your back without hurting your knees.
  • What Works Better Than Knee Surgery? - If you don't want knee surgery.

All in one sources:

  • Fix Your Own Pain Without Drugs or Surgery and Health & Fitness THIRD ed (How to be Healthy Happy and Fit for the Rest of Your Life). Good books at www.DrBookspan.com/books.

It can be easy. You can get better use of your muscles during all your regular activities without stopping your day to "do exercise."