best dance video workouts

Finding time to fit in a workout can be a chore. Fortunately, there are plenty of places online where you can find workouts suited to your schedule as well as your mood. If dancing is your idea of a good time, you're going to love these.

Dance workouts have been popular since Jane Fonda and her leg warmers made their way to our screens. And they've kept evolving since then. We've found the best dance workout videos of 2016, and know you'll find something you can groove to here.

'Dance Workout for Beginners from Keaira Lashae'

This video works the entire body because you're moving your whole body, working the arms, legs, abs, and booty mainly! It's great cardio and super fun!
– Keaira LaShae

Keaira LaShae describes this fun routine as a dance workout for nondancers. As demonstrated by her friend Natalie, that makes this a great place to start if you're a beginner. Have some fun, and burn calories while you're at it!

'7 Minute Video Vixen Dance Workout'

Join Janet, Shanut, and Carolina from Vixen Workout for this seven-minute dance routine, hosted by “ELLE.” Feel the heavy beats and move your hips. There is no instruction to this video, but if you're not an experienced dancer, chances are you'll get a good workout just trying to keep up!

'21-Min Fat Burning Dance Workout'

Another exercise that would go hand-in-hand with this cardio dance workout would be weighted strength training. Add in equipment such as dumbbells, kettlebells, barbells, etc. to gain strength and build muscle!
– Gaebri Anderson

This GymRa routine is just over 20 minutes long. Set on a cliff overlooking an amazing vista, you might be tempted to get distracted from the dance in this video, but instructor Gaebri Anderson will help keep you engaged.

'10-Minute CIZE Dance Break'

While only a few minutes long, this quick workout from Shaun T.'s CIZE series, hosted by Experience Life, will equip you with some new moves to try out when you're getting your workout on at home. His great instruction makes it easy to catch on fast.

'Afrobeats Dance Workout'

This is an aerobics-style workout that people can do as cardio. It targets mainly the legs and abs. It would be great to pair with some bodyweight exercises like lunges, squats, crunches, etc.
– Rachael Okesola

This video from Afrifitness features lively music and is the perfect length to get in a workout before work, dinner, or whenever you have a short block of time.

'30-Minute Dance Workout'

This workout comes from PopSugar Fitness and features Los Angeles choreographer Ryan Heffington, who's worked on music videos by Sia and FKA Twigs. You'll start out slow with a warmup, but you'll quickly get your heart rate up. We like that this routine uses several different dance types, including some ballet moves.

'Cardio Dance Workout To Scorch Calories'

Due to incorporation of plyometrics throughout the dance routines, PlyoJam sculpts and tones legs, calves, thighs, quads, and glutes. However, the movements are so dynamic that your core and arms will also get a great workout!
– Jason Layden

Hosted by Jason Layden, the creator of PlyoJam, for PopSugar Fitness, this is a unique and fun workout that combines high-energy dance with explosive plyometric moves. The video features both advanced and beginner moves, so you can customize it to your own fitness level.

'Cardio Hip Hop Dance Routine from BeFiT'

This quick workout from BeFiT is hosted by Gabriella Kaiser, a professional dancer and fitness instructor. It's only six minutes long, but is a great way to get your heart pumping and learn some moves while you're at it.

'Cheap Thrills by The Fitness Marshall'

This cardio hip hop routine featuring the Fitness Marshall is set to Sia's popular hit, “Cheap Thrills.” It's hard not to move to this song! The video is just under four minutes long, so pair it with a few other short ones to get a great, full workout.

'Full Body Hip Hop Dance Workout from Icon UK'

From Icon UK comes this hip hop dance workout with Danielle Peazer. It features a combination of routines, so you'll switch up music and scenery several times. Though the video is just over 11 minutes long, it will get your heart rate up and be a good time.

'Zumba Dance Workout by Danny's Workout'

Zumba has international appeal and dance moves with global flavor. This 24-minute class is high energy and lots of fun! Hosted by Danny's Workout, you'll stretch those muscles and work up a good sweat.